ZYPCOIN TOKEN OFFERING – Patented New Mobile Product!

Zypcoin-is a unique ICO, one of the few, for development of which does not require the development of additional functions and applications at the starting stage of the project.
This significant difference is the main advantage of Zypcoin in other market offers. Zypcoin device systems allow minimizing the risks and long waiting times the result of ICO, often encountered in crypto-business.
Zypcoin will allow smaller organizations that are not able to globally invest in such projects to use online promotion and all offered platform resources using only registration from any mobile phone. At the moment – this is a Unikalnejshee offer on the market!

The Zypcoin team creates a specific zypcoin ecosystem so that in the future the tokens released by the platform can be used in the largest number of services.
The main principle of the Zypcoin system is to ensure the use and distribution of Zypcoin tokens through deposits in the form of various cryptocurrency and free and convenient access to the Zypcoin ecosystem for all partners and users of the platform. One of the company’s main slogans is buying with confidence.

What does the project team offer to its participants?

1. Registration on the platform is absolutely free
You simply enter your personal information and receive a notification on your email to create an individual password. Once your account is confirmed you can use the service and log in when you need it and track your Zypcoins

2. Statistics of operations in your account
The asleep system interface analyzes the order of your profile to analyze the effectiveness of your investment. In addition, you have access to full information about the platform and answers to any questions. The Projects Team organizes forum chats to communicate with the project team and its participant to exchange and search for information.
3. You can buy SAFT
The project team made the process of acquiring SAFT as easy as possible, you simply make a protested contract for the purchase of tokens in the future and can shop on the company’s website completely free of charge.
4. Bonuses and support
The project team is interested in each user because only together you can bring ICO zypcoin to a whole new level of business. Through the platform investment portal, clients will be able to constantly update data, monitor the development process of ICO, further growth of tokens. Everything is transparent and safe!

How does Zypcoin work?
Dissemination and distribution of information. The dissemination of useful information is one of the most important products of the company. The content of the disseminated information will be processed through the online service zypstation, on the computer or smartphone of the service user. Any file is loaded into the virtual buffer in less than 5 minutes. By adding any information to the site portal, you do not need to register. Only one-time code-password.

You can upload flyers, business cards organization, CV, price list, advertising of the upcoming event-Yes, anything!
Useful information will come to your gadget. To develop the project, the partner network will be created. In parallel with its main tasks, Zypcoin plans to organize and systematic a large-scale partnership system. Will each project partner be a standalone operator? which will provide assistance to local entrepreneurs to download the necessary files to the Internet network. In addition, the project partner sets the amount of the fee for the first download of the information to the portal, as well as for activating the user account, using a mobile phone.

Rewards to agents and partners of the platform in the form of tokens will be issued after each new publication
Empowering Zypcoin
It is also planned to add a number of functions aimed at the development of commerce on the Internet, with the help of published on the internet, so-called ‘ business-sheet ‘. This will help small business projects to sell and carry out their direction in the Zypcoin network!
Zypcoin is the business world of the future!

Website : https://zypcoinpresale.com
Whitepaper : http://zypcoinpresale.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Zypcoin-White-Paper-3.28.18.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3273210
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Zypcoin
Twitter : https://twitter.com/zypcoin
Telegram : http://t.me/ZypcoinOfficial

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