ZPER But before joining the program ICO we must know first what is the project ZPER. ZPER is a decentralized platform for investment and credit based on blockchain technology. It aims to create an innovative P2P financial ecosystem by combining the industry’s values and values of P2P financial assets around the world. ZPER platforms will form the financial ecosystem of P2P (eXtensible) that transcends countries and currencies and thereby bring innovation in global funding. ZPER in the ecosystem, the participants are required to provide a reasonable financial environment for borrowers and investors, Board of ZPER each country, data providers, P2P finance companies recognized by Robo Advisors and buyers of NPL can unite freely, share their values based on the trust and receive a fair reward. Borrowers can get loans with lower interest rates while investors have a ratio higher results.

Also, until the end of 2019, in more than a dozen countries, thousands of data providers and about 30 companies Robo Advisor. We will create an ecosystem of allies 500 famous P2P finance companies. Such an initiative would give global funding. will make the industry more productive and innovative investment overall and ZPER will provide a stable environment in which more than 300 million individuals, more than two million independent companies, and more than 300,000 SMEs can collect or invest the money.

Challenges in P2P Platform
• Challenges in the selection of the company P2PFinans
• Difficulty in allocating a portfolio of secure and efficient
• Challenges for the liquidation of investment products
• The challenges in using Data generated innovative Lending

ZPER solution to the P2P Finance Platforms
Designing a wide range of investment products with Global P2P Finance Alliance ZPER is an open ecosystem that allows financial companies and related service companies P2P worldwide can join. The company’s trusted P2P finance worldwide offers a number of investment products P2P here. In addition, the company RoboAdvisor participated in the design of ZPER ecosystem, offer a secure investment portfolio, globally diversified and to minimize the potential investment risk posed by changes in the financial environment internal and external. Related financial services ecosystems also provide a more secure investment, such as bonds and release settings of the procurement of the NPL.

What is the ecosystem of Zper?
ZPER is a blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem can be freely attended by a variety of people and companies who participate in P2P finance around the world. outside the border. ZPER participants can operate safely in accordance with needs and their roles. Investing in individual products from the finance company that invests in P2P RoboAdvisor portfolio that invests in accounts receivable which prompted other investors to sell back by investing in products offered by financial companies in the P2P ecosystems ZPER

Token ZPR ZPER Project is the method of appreciation that all members of the biological system will use. These are used as cash in all exchanges, including payment of a cash advance loan payment, P2P development, the supply of information, the Commission presents to the buyer the NPL. By using the ZPR, Exchange stored directly and free of the forms and limits of money.
ZPR is a method of exchange of value among the participants of the ZPER ecosystem. ZPR is used in almost all transactions, such as investing in P2P lending, the cost of trading for accounts receivable, compensation to the provider of the data and the payment of Commission to the buyer the NPL. ZPR provides transfer funds quickly and transparently to the participants in the world regardless of the actual currency of each country.
You have time to get your precious token.
Pre-sales start: 17 February 2018, 5:00 UTC
Main sales: beginning April 16, 2018, 5:00 UTC
Hardcap: 1.1 billion ZPR

Website : https://zper.io
Whitepaper : https://zper.io/paper/Onepager_Eng.pdf
Telegram : https://t.me/zper_kr_official
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ZPERplatform
Twitter : https://twitter.com/zper_team

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