Zodiaq Financial Blockchian Platform

Zodiaq claims to be the first licensed bank to offer a wide range of cryptocurrency and currency services.
What is the zodiac?
Zodiaq is a financial ecosystem whose goal is to simplify the management of cryptocurrencies for all. It is a cryptic bank registered in the Comoros, a small island country off the east coast of Africa. The main functions of Zodiaq include a hedge fund managed by artificial intelligence, a payment platform capable of processing fiatĀ and crypto as well as a payment card paired with a physical smart purse.

Currently, Zodiaq is in the early stages of launch, and there is limited information about the project available on the Internet. Let’s take a closer look at how Zodiaq works and how he plans to distinguish himself from other cryptocurrency banks.

How does Zodiaq work?
Zodiaq is a financial ecosystem consisting of several basic functions and functions, including all of the following:

Payment system
Zodiaq will have a payment gateway for merchants and individuals that will allow you to pay for the use of Kriptovo-currency or currency currencies. Merchants can use the Zodiaq payment system to accept crypto payments, for example when paying a small fee the Zodiaq payment system is also connected to the Zodiaq card.

Zodiaq Map
Zodiaq will have a payment card that allows you to pay whatever you want to say, wherever traditional bank cards or credit cards are accepted. You can withdraw money through ATMs. You save Fiaty and Kriptovydelenija in your Zodiaq account and then choose whether your card will use cash or crypto funds. You can switch funding sources at any time through the Zodiaq mobile app or Web application.

Smart Purse
Smart purse Zodiaq functions as a cold purse, which makes it easy to store your crypto. You can link your third party bank cards with a smart wallet while enjoying smooth payment options. For example, you can connect your wallet Zodiaq to your card, and manage your fiat and cryptocurrencies through the Wallet app. Smart Purse Zodiaq is a physical device similar to purses with cold storage, such as Trezor or Nano. The purse is equipped with a screen with electronic ink, modules Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and, GSM. It can connect to a PC or Mac via USB.

Crypto Exchange
Zodiaq will have cryptocurrency exchange, which offers a lightweight user interface, a wide range of financial instruments and a wide range of financial assets available for trading. Exchange users will be able to deposit and withdraw funds instantly, including withdrawals and deposits through the Zodiaq bank card.

Hedge fund
Zodiaq will have a hedge fund with an AI-based asset management system. Zodiaq AI will use great data analysis and machine learning to implement successful investment strategies and scenarios. The hedge fund trading algorithm is currently being tested at POLONIEX, where it is reported to have reached 100 percent profit during the 20-day testing period.

Crypto Fiat Bank
The general purpose of Zodiaq is to function as a bank for Kriptovo-currency and currency currencies. Zodiaq will have a fully licensed and legal bank in the center of its ecosystem. This bank will allow you to manage cryptocurrencies and fixed currencies through separate accounts from a single panel. You can receive instant money transfers and make deposits in currencies of currencies or cryptocurrencies.

Zodiaq Token distribution
Zodiaq will distribute 80% of its tokens to investors, 10% to founders and team, 3% Shhedrostjam and 7% to partners.

Tokens are listed under the ZOD symbol. Zodiaq accepts BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, DASH, and XEM as part of its upcoming token sales. They also installed a hard cap in the 5000 ETH to sell the marker.

Who is behind the zodiac?
Zodiaq is headed by Oliver Kempkens (CEO), Alexander Humps (CVO and CO-founder), Pavel Dmitriev (CMO and co-founder), Eric Shehmametov (COO and co-founder), Vyacheslav Grachev (that) and Ilya Logs’sawing Advisor on marketing strategy). There is limited information on any of these individuals available on the Zodiaq website. For example, Oliver, the CEO, has only two suggestions explaining his qualifications: Oliver Kempkens (CEO): financial and financial solutions and consulting. Experience in the stock and foreign exchange market in addition, we do not know anything about the person, and there are no links to LinkedIn profiles or other third-party sources. We know that Zodiaq is apparently registered as a crypto bank with offshore financial management for the Comorian nation. Registration information, including license numbers and registration numbers, is provided on the official website of Zodiaq.io. We also know that Zodiaq plans to run payment cards sharing cryptocurrencies and more.

Website: https://zodiaq.io
White Paper: https://zodiaq.io/file/ZODIAQ_WP.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3411516.0
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZodiaqCorp
Medium: https://medium.com/zodiaq
Telegram: https://t.me/zodiaq_group

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