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ZEUX – The organization is registered FCE, which has the ability to launch their tools, but in 2019 they will formally showcase their complete processes with the EU and the extremely ambitious organization because they plan to deploy their services to Until the completion of all of them worldwide in 2020.
How it works?
The Zeux platform will likely give many users an integrated feature that will likely provide a variety of features that can be applied in the economic services. This is purely thanks to biometrics, AI and advances taking place in the blocking technology.
The Zeux platform can provide secure smartphone payments and can be applied to both digital and Fiat asset transactions, it can also be applied to non-centralized cash transfers, simple access to a variety of digital assets and conventional investment. Account, there is secure confidential data for all users and does not forget KYC help staff to ensure all consumers have experience of opening a risk free account.
While you are on the Zeux platform, you will be able to process your economic portfolio efficiently. But this is not the company that ensures that the entire transaction made we will be completed in a very secure environment, which is proven to meet the most secure market standards, designed to use the first network system The most innovative safety protocols that you can find on the market.
The Zeux platform is established as a single investment system, so from there, you are assured that you are going to get the most common investment features extremely best plus a variety of digital asset investments. To ensure you are left of both planets.
But this is not all you expect at this stage since the Organization will continue to reward all the consumers who are holding the Zuc coins, it will bring a wide range of advantages such as huge discounted fees for every end Private as well as potentially enjoy some reduced fees when moving FX.
Details on Plan Zeux platform Coin (ZUC)
Earlier going into the ICO stage, the two sides had laid out a limit zeux distribution platform of 50k ETH. In addition, the completion of the funds that are mobilized from the ICO stage will be transferred to the development of the Zeux Platform project. On the other hand, the Cobinhood platform will play a certain key role in the ICO expansion phase. These features include marketing support, legitimate compliance, business model consulting, implementation processes and smart agreement code evaluation.
What’s the Zeux platform going to bring for the table?
In fact, it is difficult to separate the monetary services from our business activities and our daily lives. With the evolution of technology, people are gradually demanding mobile payment solutions and frontend to lucrative investment tools. The Zeux platform is here to redesign the financial services landscape by simplifying the processes of heavy economic management, complexity, and elegance. Not together to simplify them, the organization will also make the processes of economic management consistent and inexpensive to the customer. As a unit created by the FCA, the Zeux platform has launched the project diagram. The provider of economic Solutions says it will launch its functionality in 2019 on the EU’s affiliate countries. Then, the next line of action would be to deploy operations in 2020 (as I mentioned earlier).
Zarux’s Wide Spectrum of Services
The Zeux platform has its shell roll even though it has perfected its entire strategy. But looking at the plans, high-tech companies intend to organize block chain technology, biometrics and AI (artificial intelligence), as well as integrating virtual money and virtual money into solitary platforms. Therefore, the company will provide integrated services that provide clients with the opportunity to enjoy a large array of their services.
Zeux is pioneers who integrate all financial services into a single solution. A single platform for mobile payments, transfers and banking services avoids switching between different applications. Zeux also includes its own system of investment products and currency exchange service. Application identification is based on biometric solutions, distributed registry technology, and artificial intelligence elements.
The real revolution will be the possibility of using cryptocurrency for payments wherever the devices supporting Apple pay and Samsung pay are accepted for payment.
“Hedera supports a powerful has graph technology that makes the project attractive to Zeux. This platform makes it possible to perform transactions with high speed and security while maintaining the ability to scale and mass distribution. We believe that Hedera will become one of the dominant decentralized solutions, and therefore decided to use the Hbar token in its comprehensive solution, “said Frank Zhou, founder, and head of Zeux.
The services that the company will present include Fiat money and e-money services via mobile devices, access to multiple bank accounts and non-centralized currency transfers.
ZEUX In addition, the Zeux platform will provide a protected private repository, open the compliance explanation KYC unblocked, along with the crypto money and conventional investment tools. Further explanation, the airline has stated that the Zeux platform will help clients handle their portfolio. The group also promises to bring a platform that ensures the safety of all financial transactions using one of the most advanced phishing protocols.

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