ZEUX – The World’s First Crypto Mobile Payment and Investment App

ZEUX – Trade segment develops quite rapidly, innovative technologies allow to significantly simplify the life of not only sellers but also customers. Not so long ago people began to massively buy Cryptoalyta and use it as the main financial instrument. Unfortunately, existing centralized systems do not allow to work properly with the script, they are created exclusively for state assets. Given the rapid development of the modern world-people need a platform, which will create a single financial cabinet for the correct operation of Cryptoalyta and Phyatnymi assets. In addition to the absence of such a platform, it is possible to mention security problems in existing resources-payments are often delayed, fraudsters receive the opportunity to acquire funds of users. Developers Zeux managed to create a project that allows solving most existing problems.

An application that will change the world
The decentralized platform zeux designed to ensure that mobile payments and investments were really fast and reliable. Financial freedom that’s what the project developers promise. They are confident that the application Zeux can significantly simplify any existing financial transactions. Now, do not have to use different applications to continually work with the Fisynymi assets and Cryptoalta. Decentralized platform Zeux will be a universal solution you will have the opportunity to quickly act in any situation, access to your own balance, change the currency, everything will be directly affected by your preferences.

Huge financial world in your smartphone

It is very important to highlight the features that allow developers to decentralized zeux applications, attract investors and new clients:
Complete security control. Creating your own data store and accounts, each user receives a personal key. Fraudsters will not succeed to own it, because the developers of the decentralized platform Zeux used all the unique possibilities of the block. This approach allows you to securely protect the data as well as the user’s means. Despite the number of open accounts-your personal key remains the only one, it is securely protected by the system itself.

A global platform that allows you to invest in prospective projects. Given the popularity of Cryptoalyta, many use it as the primary asset for earnings. Investing in centralized funds is dangerous, often people are very risky, trusting unverified information. The developers of the decentralized platform ZEUX offer access to several venues, which are placed promising for investment projects. You will have a great opportunity to take advantage of all the advantages of zeux in order to make an investment.
Fast and secure payments, using smartphones. Given the versatility of the Zeux supplement, you will have no problems with shopping on the Internet. Now you can pay fast enough for any goods, using modern mobile services for this purpose. The main feature of Zeux-you can choose which assets to use for payment. In such a situation you will have a good chance to keep track of how the assets are distributed.

Money transfers of decentralized type. The decentralized platform Zeux makes the money transfer really fast and simple. You will not have to constantly look for different exchangers or third-party proposals to understand the situation. Use the capabilities of the Zeux project to promptly and safely enumerate the required amount of funds. Application Blkochelina allows you to get rid of problems with fraudsters. Intellectual contracts are an excellent guarantee of quality fulfillment of all terms of the agreement. In doing so, you will not need to be in the precipardly mediators, who often require too large commissions.

A bit about security and technology
The user’s personal data is securely encrypted. The information that users provide when registering to Zeux is truly confidential, it is used solely in order to fully guarantee the security of each transaction. Each client himself controls his account, account, for this use individual key. His loss is not critical because the system retains all actions in the block, fraudsters will not be able to use the information to carry out their schemes.

Security of the project Zeux goes to a new level. The developers of the decentralized platform Zeux engaged in the launch of many financial projects and worked in banks, they know how a security system is arranged. That is why, in the development of the project, all features and disadvantages of existing solutions were taken into account. This approach allows you to securely protect all customers zeux from Encroa scam.

What promise Developers
ZEUX  Already at the beginning of 2018, developers managed to get stunning beta test results. All clients, who took part in it, were satisfied with the features of the decentralized platform Zeux. Due to such results, it was possible to find investors at once to advance the project, have signed agreements with various large corporations. That is why, in this year, the British residents will be able to enjoy quality services decentralized supplement Zeux. In the case of total success-the world renown is the next step. Developers are confident that the product will be really global. After all, the application, which allows to actively use Cryptoalyta and financial assets for investment, is really unique.

Expert opinions
If we consider the features of the decentralized platform zeux, it is difficult to name the one-day project. Given all the results of tests and purposefulness developers, experienced experts are confident in the success of the idea. You will be able to count on getting your own mobile bank with an incredible level of security. Now any transaction will be really fast and secure. In order to manage the features of the program, it is enough to simply order it. Investors can also join the project by buying the internal currency of the decentralized platform zeux and thereby supporting the idea.

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