Zero Carbon Market Beats Renewable Energy and Fossil Fuels

Zero Carbon Project – Today I want to touch on a topic that is interesting enough for me related to renewable energy. Even if we are skeptical about climate change, our influence on climate and other things, the question of energy consumption, its volumes still does not go anywhere. The development of humanity is directly connected with the capabilities of the energy segment, its energy costs, optimization of this consumption and more efficient use, especially in industrial scale and production. Although the household level also occupies its part of the segment and quite substantial. After all, even the banal question of switching to electric cars in everyday life, in the scale of cities or countries, is not easy.

Zero Carbon Project is a blockchain platform created for the development of alternative energy and the promotion of renewable energy sources. The creators of the project plan to improve the environment by reducing the use of carbon fuel. The project is based on a simple economic model: to make renewable energy sources more cheap and accessible, thereby increasing their share in the total amount of energy produced.

Project prospects at first the project may seem hopeless – more because in our country the problems of ecology are considered far-fetched. In the UK, where Zero Carbon Project is based, things are different: combating climate change is one of the key tasks of the Ministry of Business, Energy and industrial strategy, reformed in 2016 by Prime Minister Teresa Mae.

For the past few years, the United Kingdom has been a European leader in renewable energy investments, and the total power of power plants has increased by 5 times in the last 10 years. According to independent estimates, the UK has a concentration of up to 30% of European wind power sources and 25% of tidal marine energy.

Last year, the British Government presented a plan to develop the country’s energy system. Zero Carbon Project It includes such items as the more economical spending of ecological energy resources and creation of the general system of objects of production and storage of energy there will be also private energy companies. The authorities plan to invest considerable resources in the development of technologies and simplify the process of investing in such areas.

Implementation of the project on the idea of creators, Zero Carbon project should reduce the cost of unconventional energy by creating an open and independent energy market, where private companies-energy producers will be able to place different types of contracts, Offering its capacities and resources. Blockchain will ensure the transparency and reliability of the data provided and fair competition between manufacturers. And consumers will be able to choose suitable conditions, to acquire the necessary amount of energy, concluding unbreakable smart contracts. They will be able to count on advantageous tariffs due to competition among the manufacturers represented on the platform.

At the moment there is no similar platform, and the whole industry is full of intermediaries, whose activity makes energy inaccessible and expensive. The Zero Carbon Project platform will provide direct contact to all stakeholders and accelerate the creation of honest partnerships between energy suppliers and consumers.

For the operation of the platform created a token Energis-with its help all operations between the participants of the project, it is exchanged for other cryptocurrency and Fiat funds. As the project progresses, its participants will be able to sell tokens or encourage them to be proactive in controlling emissions into the atmosphere.

The project is focused primarily on the UK, but the roadmap is the launch of a project in Australia, Germany, on the south coast of the United States and in other countries developing the direction of non-traditional energy-throughout the European Union, Japan, Canada.

Zero Carbon Project activity is aimed at the creation of a self-regulating renewable energy market, uniting producers, consumers, private and state companies. An independent renewable energy market with fair and honest pricing can eliminate unnecessary intermediaries and reduce the cost of unconventional energy.

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