XYO NETWORK With the emergence of blockchain-based smart contracts, without trust, the need for oracle services that do contract a result of arbitration has grown significantly. Most implementations of smart contracts currently rely on a set of authoritative oracle single or combination to complete the contract results. In cases where both parties can accept the authority and the inability of the prophecy, is quite adequate. However, in many cases, one of the appropriate oracle there is no prophecy or not can be considered authoritative because

possible errors or corruption of the location of the oracle enters into this category. Estimates of the physical location of the item depends on the reporting component, relay, storage, and processing of the given forecast, all of which introduce errors and can be damaged. The risks include data manipulation, data pollution, loss of data, and collusion.

XYO network has been working towards the concept of a developer who might, as they write intelligent platform to blockchain contracts, to interact with the physical world as if it were a fire. The network protocol is the artificial XYO oracle the world’s first that allows two entities transacting in the real world without third party centered. Our abstraction allows us to verify your location without the confidence to developers, make a new Protocol with use cases that haven’t been turned on to this day.

XYO network will be built upon the existing infrastructure of more than 1 million devices in circulation in the world business distributed over findables facing consumers. Bluetooth GPS device and XY allows everyday consumer tracking physical flares on things they want to track (such as keys, luggage, bicycles and even pets). If they are wrong doing or lose it like that, they can see exactly where their location by looking at its location in the smart phone application. In just six years, the network has created a consumer network XYO Bluetooth and GPS is the world’s largest.

The aim of the Network is to create a system of prophecy XYO locations that are not urgent and decentralized impervious to attack and produces the highest certainty when asked for data. We achieve this through a series of abstractions that greatly reduces the risk of spoofing. location through a series of zero knowledge proofs of all system components.

XYO network has four main components, the sentinel, Bridges, Archivists and Diviners. All four of these components allows the construction of consensus that geo-location data and verify the focus of unbelievers. This means that when you write smart contracts that specify an object so that it appears in the XY coordinates of the specified, if it appears there, you will know that it exists in that location with absolute certainty. This is all done without the risk of spoofing the signal device location is verified by thousands of Sentinels in the Oracle Network XY with Proof of origin the longest (thus generating greater confidence on heuristics).

The components of the sentinel was a witness heuristics. They observed heuristics and ensure certainty and accuracy of heuristic produces the great book of the temporal. The most important aspect of the Sentinel is producing great books so can Diviners known comes from the same source by adding evidence of the origin of them.
The bridge is the transcription of heuristics. They safely transmit ledger heuristics from Sentinel to the Diviners. The most important aspect of a bridge is that the Diviner can ensure that great book heuristics that are accepted from the bridge has not been modified in any way. The second most important aspect of a bridge is that they added additional Evidence.
Archiving components store heuristics in decentralized form with the goal of keeping all the books of the history is preserved, but without the requirement that. Even if some data is missing or is temporarily unavailable, the system continues to function, but only with low accuracy. Archiver is also great books index so that it can restore a series of large book data if needed. Archiving only save raw data and get paid just for data retrieval. Storage is always free.
A Diviner specific questions answered by analyzing the historical data that has been stored by XYO Network. To achieve this, the stored on network heuristics XYO must have a high level of Evidence to measure the validity and accuracy of heuristics by assessing the witness based on Proof of origin. Given that Network XYO is a system without trust, Diviners should be given incentives to provide an honest analysis of heuristics. Unlike the Sentinel and the bridge, the Diviner uses the Proof Works to add answers at blockchain.

XYO Token
Sales General token has a tiered pricing structure starting at 1 ETH: 100,000 XYO and maxes out at 1:33.333 XYO ETH. The details on volume and price based on the structure of our time will be announced soon.
Smart contracts platform: Ethereal
Type Of Contract: ERC20
Token: XYO
Token Name: Network Utility XYO Token
The token address: 0x55296f69f40ea6d20e478533c15a6b08b654e758
Total issuance: Finite and capped at the amount earned after the sale of the primary Token
Join us in our commitment to build a world that is decentralized.
XY have build the world open since 2012 location verification with launch of GPS-GPS business consumer the success that it is important to understand and build the network location of the real world. Currently, XY has more than 1, 00, 000 beacons around the world.

XY Release Tracking Tracking Tracking Path: “XYGPS”
XY launched the world’s first hybrid GPS and Bluetooth-enabled devices. XYGPS can report their location anywhere in the world where cellular and GPS data available.
XY + XY4 Release Device
XY released device XY4 + which makes it able to operate as a node XYO Network via a firmware update.
XY Crossed 1 million Beacons Marks
The XY devices one million born.
Blockchain Network-Based Oracle XY Born
The development of the network platform moved XY to the internal implementation of the open block Oracle’s Network started: XY was born.

Q1 Q2 &

XY Mints the first “XYO tokens” used for Intelligent Network to access Contract XYO
The first token XYO created and represent the currency that will be used across the entire network XYO.
XY to Complete XYO in Test Network (“XY TestNet”)
XY will complete the development of Oracle Testnet XY and began launching a protocol block device location to focus his Sentinel.

& Q3 Q4
XY XY Oracle will launch the Main Network (“XY MainNet”)
XY will be launching a full Network launch Oracle XY XY to the Sentinel beacon and begin the test with a new Sentinel partners (especially the company’s mobile application developers and IoT).
XY to the full API for developers of Smart Contracts to interact with Oracle XY Network
The release of Network APIs that allow XYO developer contract intelligent writing contract to interact with the XY chain. The library will be developed: the ethics of solidarity Library, library of the Ethereum Viper and a JavaScript library for web sites interact with Network XYO (similar to the Web3. integration with js MetaMask).
XY XY to Release Sticker-based Tracker, which can be added to the eCommerce Package
Product launches “XY-Stick” that allows eCommerce retailers keep track of each of their products in realtime.

XY to Growing Global network of Several Sentinel Site Equipment
The growing scope of XY Sentinel (the location of the data provider and verifier) as well as other components of the Oracle XY Network (Bridge, Archiver, Burial).
XY to launch SatoshiXY and VitalikXY LEO Satellite Sentinels
The shares will be sold in low Earth Orbit satellite XYO; Bet represents ownership in the award section XYO Token.
XY for businesses, organizations and Retail Companies that have a larger use case to verify the location of the
Formalize business partnerships with companies and larger entities can take advantage of the decentralized location of instinct and unreliable (e.g., logistics systems, supply chain companies, eCommerce business auditoras hours, and the niche of countless others).

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