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Xpetroleum Hello, world! In my review today I would like to you about the project Xpetroleum, which aims to make the oil market more open, safe and profitable.
Of course, oil is one of the most important resources in the modern world. Everything we interact with today is somehow related to oil. Any product that you buy in the store has been delivered there on transport using gasoline or kerosene, hot water and heating in your house is working on gas produced from oil. What to say – the cheapest and most common material – plastic – is also an oil product.
And such a huge demand for this fossil product makes it also an important financial instrument-the total turnover of the oil market is estimated by experts in 1.7 trillion US dollars a year! Large corporations and private investors are earning millions of dollars on oil, and what is there to say, the economy of many countries, including the Russian Federation, today is entirely dependent on oil. Therefore, and its name-“Black gold”-oil has not been without reason. And given that this resource is finite, the value of it every year will only grow.
But today, the oil industry, as one of the oldest industries that originated it in the 19th century, is not very followed by modern trends. This is what the creators of the Xpetroleum project are planning to fix, bringing to the sphere of oil production, refining and sales the advanced solutions offered by blockchain technology.
Company Xpetroleum has developed its own cryptocurrency token XPL,Xpetroleum  having received wide distribution, will allow to considerably improve oil market. Thanks to the use of this token, as well as the smart contracts available in the Xpetroleum blockchain, all members of the oil industry, will be able to make transactions without intermediaries, which means that the security of transfers, increase the speed and will be greatly reduced commissions.
Just imagine that now oil producers will be able to sell it to processing plants on XPL tokens, and they do not have to wait for a few days until a bank transfer is made, there will be no paper red tape with financial Organizations, and the fees will be minimal. This is especially true for international transfers, because it often happens that oil production is carried out in one country, and processing in another, while the final product is exported worldwide, and each participant of such a market, have to endure Huge costs of currency exchange, as well as the leaps of the course, and transnational transfers take much longer than transfers between banks of one country.
Xpetroleum It is these problems and will help to solve the cryptocurrency platform from Xpetroleum. Thanks to its oil market will be able to extract even more profits, which for an ordinary consumer will undoubtedly affect the price reduction of the final products of oil refining, such as fuel and plastic products.
At the moment, the project Xpetroleum is in development, which is surprisingly fast – being launched in the fall of 2018, the project already has an almost finished trading platform, and at the moment the team is conducting a preliminary sale of its XPL token, allowing early investors to invest in it. At the same time, the minimum goal of the collection is only 500 000 dollars, which clearly speaks about the developers of Xpetroleum, as an honest team that works for the sake of their customers and their product, and not just wants to chop off easy money on the HYIP around technology Blockchain.

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