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Xpetroleum – Oil can be called one of the most important things in the life of modern man, of course, it is not as vital as air, water or food, but the importance of oil is not much lower than theirs. In fact all that surrounds us somehow was extracted, delivered, processed thanks to oil, the majority of things around us their plastic-the product of processing of oil, the bread was delivered to the shop thanks to the fuel received from oil, the kettle can be boiled Using gas which is also the product of their oil. The list of merit of black gold can be continued for thousands of points, but there is no special need for it because everyone knows so much about the role of oil in our lives, in what many industries it is used and in what quantity is consumed.

is extremely the importance of such Ischerpaemogo substance forces users to be more responsible for the use of this product, entire states are developing different programs aimed at it, private initiatives are being used, but one of the best solutions for the transformation of the oil market proposed by the Xpetroleum project.

The importance of Xpetroleum
The importance of the Xpetroleum project lies in the sphere it is going to improve – the oil industry. As it has been told all that there is around us somehow was extracted or delivered thanks to oil, without it do not drive cars and buses, in it need an internal combustion engine, from it make rubber, plastic, polyethylene Many-many other things. What to say, if in some mills oil is the main source of wealth of the country and people.

Such importance of this natural substance is supported also by figures after all the oil market is estimated in 1.7 trillion dollars a year, it is simply improbable numbers which testify to big demand, the improbable quantity of participants of this market and about developed Infrastructure to meet the needs of the industry. Xpetroleum That’s exactly what is going to improve xpetroleum, starting from the stage of production, delivery, and processing of crude oil in the finished product xpetroleum using the technology blockchain will offer the market completely different opportunities, using which can be significantly Reduce the cost of shipping and processing, increase confidence between market participants, increase the level of safety when performing oil operations and all this on one platform from Xpetroleum.

What would be better to imagine that cargo, which has assigned to the project Xpetroleum need to make comparisons of oil market volumes with other markets, so the oil market is equal to about 1.7 trillion dollars a year, the gold market 170 billion $, iron 115 billion $, aluminum 90 Billions of dollars, as you can see the oil market repeatedly surpasses the volumes of other markets.

The fact that the project Xpetroleum is ready to take on such a large market speaks about the professionalism of his team, a clear vision of the problems of the current market and ways to solve them.

Xpetroleum and Blockchain
For improvement of one of the most important branches of our life, it is necessary to use only the most reliable and proven methods, preferably also innovative giving a certain technical advantage. Xpetroleum will change the rules of the game through the introduction of blockchain and smart contracts.

The use of blockchain and smart contracts will help to build a transparent and secure platform for oil transactions, financial transactions, to track oil prices, the relevance of contracts, etc.

Certainly, the introduction of new technologies in such an important and voluminous market will bring its results, among which we shall see:

Possibility to pay for oil in XPL tokens, thanks to which all market participants will be able to make transactions without the need to convert one currency to another, which significantly reduces the speed of operation, eliminates the risks associated with jumps Exchange rates and increases the convenience of the payment itself.

XPL Token and ICO
As already mentioned all payments on the platform will be made in tokens XPL, without doubt market participants highly appreciate fast transactions using XPL, low commissions and usability, but also remember that the XPL token will be the primary tool Payment in the market with capitalization of 1.7 trillion dollars, it is difficult to imagine what demand will be on this token from the users of the platform, you can safely predict that it will be extremely large. It is also true that the high demand for a token can significantly increase its initial cost.

The price of one XPL token at the ICO stage is only $0.15, so the potential for growth is huge, and given the total number of tokens of only 80 million units, it is possible to assume a price of thousands of dollars.

It is also important that of the 80 million tokens on ICO will be available for sale only 62% of the total number of tokens, and all unsold tokens will be burnt, which further reduces the number of tokens in circulation.

The purpose of fundraising for the project is very interesting, because minimally they want to collect 500 thousand dollars, and the maximum they need $5 million, a very modest amount by the standards of the market ICO, and it is very good, because it means that the project team wants to make a really new and Useful product and this is the main goal of the project, not the collection of the maximum amount of money.

The project Xpetroleum aimed at creating a service capable of improving the largest of all markets, make it more transparent, safe and user-friendly, a large team experience of the project allows them to know what problems really exist in this sector and How they can be eliminated.

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