Xchangerate Successful day Trading Requires Making Decisions Based on Several Market Movements

Xchangerate The fast-growing cryptocurrency market has provided its early investors with tangible and stable profits. Kriptoindustrija firmly enters our lives, covering more and more of its spheres. New Internet technologies have contributed to the development of the cryptographic market. Modern successful trade requires decision-making on the basis of certain activity in the market. Gathering relevant information quickly and effortlessly requires advanced knowledge and automation. Xchangerate provides all this and more in aggregate, which will allow you to quickly start and make a profit. Xchangerate presents a solution to these problems by developing a robot or intelligent algorithm that will help investors navigate the complex crypto market. The robot will help them to make expert decisions on a convenient and unified platform.

The platform has three components:
 Automated trade integration,
 Algorithms of interconnection between traders on the cryptocurrency market
 The community of crypto-traders.
XchangeRate.io uses artificial intelligence to ensure continuous monitoring of the world market Information, range all Kriptokonversij and immediate acceptance of the order.

The algorithm is presented in the form of a robot with the help of which the investor or trader makes a decision to buy or sell on the basis of the data that is issued by the robot. Modules and interfaces of artificial intelligence transmit data from the robot, and their only indicators guarantee the reliability of the analysis.
Robot Xchangerate collects information on several sites for analysis using AI. This data is very important and reflects the great importance and value that contributes to forecasting and can be applied by users at their discretion.

Xchangerate also has a platform with additional AI options that:
– Scans all purchase or sale actions from all connected exchanges.
-combines the exact parameters and algorithms of AI to provide users with information for trading activities by making their recommendation labels at the best possible cost of entry and exit.

Making decisions about buying or selling can be an intimidating, nerve potential for the investor, with real potential for huge profits or losses in the currency.
Xchangerate offers the following solution: This is a sensible algorithm or “robot”, with the help of which interested users, ready to invest, will be able to float and rotate in the crypto-economy, as well as be able to make the adoption of correct and Solutions. And all these thanks to the Xchangerate platform.

How does xboxrate Bitcoin Robot Trading work?
Coin Monitoring Board, which is a dashboard that tabulates the analyzed data from different sources and displays it in a way that the trader can understand. An automatic robot is where the parameters of the strategy can be Issued to the robot to enable trading automation using secret keys and APIs. MVP does not require a username, password, secret key, or API. However, it uses a preset to filter markets with price actions. The market is a data center in which indicators, users, and strategy are given in the table for those users who would like to adopt a certain strategy or for those who want to Implement other strategies in exchange for coins.
Capabilities of the Xchangerate platform.
 Powerful and efficient installed filters. The Xchangerate platform is developed by traders. Automating the filter settings also has an established algorithm that does not require any effort.
 Multifunctional and precise approach to the algorithm. Which contributes to the correct and expert decision making for the user.
 Implementation. The Xchangerate platform has tools for testing and filter algorithms, taking into account the available market conditions and testing the results of the algorithm.
ICO Terms
The XRR coin will be used as a utility token and will be used for an xchangerate transaction in two ways. First, in the subscription payment model, where users can make a minimum monthly payment to access the platform. Second, there is a market for a rating strategy where platform users can check the success rates of different strategies and the cost of tokens provided by initiators.
 Token: XRR;
 Platform: Ethereum;
 Type: erc20;
 Main sale: Start 20.03.18 end of 09.05.18;
 Possible investments: ETH, BTC;
 Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH or 0.01 BTC;
 Tokens on sale = 235 million XRR.

Tokens are distributed as follows:
 80% Sale;
 12.8% bonuses;
 6% of the project founders and stakeholders;
 1.2% Bounty.
After-sales funds are distributed as follows:
 47.5% development and development of the platform;
 14.3% research and improvement of products;
 9.5% Partners;
 9.5% marketing and users;
 8.6% interested parties;
 4.8% operating expenses;
 4.8% Reserve
 1% legal support.

Roadmap for 2018-2019
– Pre-sale (with bonus), Public sale (with bonus), full automation of Xchangerate robot’s working processes with RSI and MACD;
– XRR token on Ethereum Blockchain issue, token representation XRR as a Utility token for users;
– CMB 3.0 Release
-stage of development and expansion of xchangerate platform for market instruments;
– Xchangerate Platform Universal Edition – Advanced Technical analysis, automated training for market derivatives;
– Organization and development of the combined exchange.
The team of the project looks quite professional, each of the team members has a certain experience, which allows him to work quite professionally on the implementation and development of the project, bringing it to a successful Complete. The Xchangerate project team includes a large number of employees, each of whom is a great professional in a particular field of activity.

As I understand it will work like this: Xchangerate frees a trader from the complexity of reading graphs and diagrams and helps a trader with readable data easily interpreted for immediate automated or informed decisions. In fact, the product is a trading robot that combines these channels into an algorithm for intelligence and meaning. Intelligence increases the choice of movement in the market and helps the robot to exactly do the input and outputs. Also, the project offers to test the beta version. I take the project to the bookmark, and I will watch the further development.

website: https://tokensale.xchangerate.io
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