WULET — Crypto-Cashback From Everyday Purchases

WULET Any credit card user knows that when paying for certain goods or services such a financial instrument, today you can get good dividends. Cashback is a common thing for many people, but the developers of this decentralized application are confident that they are ready to offer a truly innovative solution-Kriptovaljutnye cashback for daily purchases. For a long time, credit cards have offered users a cashback system for every purchase they make. And today, innovative technologies will allow getting a crypt-a great opportunity to acquire promising tokens, which in the future will be able to bring tangible passive profit.

The same applies to loyalty cards and apps on your phone, some of which allow for investment or direct bank deposits. Wulet helps make it a reality for the cryptocurrency world.

Wulet is notable for its simplicity and efficiency, thanks to the application, users can open the platform at any time, allowing them to make online payments, wherever they are. Thanks to this unique application, you will be able to make profitable purchases in most online stores, while getting cash back in cryptocurrency. Developers are sure that their project will be popular because many active Internet buyers often work with cryptocurrency and will be happy with this offer.

Since the purchase of goods using cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly common, Wulet will be seen as one of the driving forces behind it, as it encourages users to look for stores that take Kriptovo-Toki. How does it work? A decentralized application client will simply have to pay for the purchase using an internal wallet. Immediately after that, he can expect to receive a cashback, the size of which will depend directly on the value of the goods. And thanks to this simple process, previously complex transactions were made incredibly easy:

Information about payments is put on Wulet with the help of QR-code;
You can spend your bonuses in the partner markets, save in the form of cryptocurrency or sell them on market conditions; All discounts and promotions are located in one application, Vulet, and you do not need to go through every stage of finding really advantageous offers;
You get a profit and a loyal customer appears in the store. Shopkeepers are interested in this because it allows you to significantly expand the client base.
All available benefits Wulet apply to any business that wants to implement cryptocurrency. Wulet provides these companies with the tools they need to implement them as an acceptable procurement method.

Main characteristics of Wulet
A transparent system of receiving cashback in the WU tokens: All contractors provide their clients with uniform conditions, no fraud, and individual conditions; a Quick way to accumulate bonus points: bonuses from different contractors accumulate in a single crypto balance wulet;
Different possibilities of using the WU tokens: markets that accept Wu tokens as a payment instrument are exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on different exchanges, converted into cash. This approach allows users to actively use cryptocurrency, taking into account their own preferences;

A very simple, fast and safe way to get crypto for everyday activities. Using smart contracts does not allow fraudsters to receive user data or tools. Platform developers are sure-blockchain will allow to reliably protect people from loss of money;Quick Launch of loyalty programs by consultants: all the necessary infrastructure is now available, and it is not necessary to follow several platforms at the same time, all functionality is presented in the purse. Currently, Wulet is undergoing a pre-sale with a lower ceiling in?? 8000 ETH and Hard-cap in 49 000 ETH.

Website: https://wulet.io
WhitePaper: https://wulet.io/wu_pres_en.pdf
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