WPP Energy is a company that is engaged in the introduction of breakthrough technologies for clean energy. This topic is very promising and in demand in the world. Have you heard of global warming? It is also connected with the generation of electricity. Carbon monoxide emissions enter the atmosphere and pollute the environment. Many summits have long been discussing issues of reducing emissions and preserving our ecology, so that all breathe clean air, eat clean food. This is not just a project that has decided to try to do something, it is a project that came already with a huge experience, having a fundamental base.

The platform will reduce the price of energy in many parts of the world by transmitting information about energy production from wholesale producers of renewable energy sources worldwide to the platform. And the excess World energy production WPP Energy will also be captured on the platform and available for purchase.
While the global demand for energy continues to grow sharply, there remains a huge gap between the developed countries and the rest of the world.
Part of this growth in demand will be met by electricity generated from fossil fuels, renewable energies increase their market share with the introduction of innovative and breakthrough technologies provided by WPP Energy.

Fields of activity
The main area of activity is the agreed contracts with the Government, which are concluded on 6 billion US dollars, covering the 35-year period, and the agreements on private purchases.

Breakthrough Technologies in the field of
Production of clean energy and its trade in bulk with lower prices. The platform will connect consumers and sellers of energy all over the world. A mobile power plant that can be sent to any area on the planet. Its performance ranges from 1 to 2.5 megawatts per hour. It is based on water conversion technologies and does not pollute the atmosphere with dirty emissions. It is intended for use in both private and public sectors.

Transformation of polluting power plants, working on coal, oil, natural gas. There are a lot of them, and the campaign already has a solution for processing them into environmentally friendly sources of electricity, while reducing operating costs. The transition from the use of utilities to your own and independent supply of the house with energy, which has small investments with high income.

Exchange platform, which will unite on the same market different types of cryptocurrency clean energy. It will also increase the liquidity for platform customers, enabling, safely and affordable to trade cryptocurrency.

WPP token capabilities:
1. Payment and sale on the global platform of production of clean energy.
2. The possibility of payment for physical energy solutions.
3. Payment for utility services.
4. To pay for the rental of power plants.
5. Initially, WPP tokens are based on the ERC20 protocol.

The purpose of pre-sale is to start the development of two digital platforms, based on Blockchain technology and launch the bonus program.
Further sales will increase the money-capital for the subsequent deployment of technologies around the world and investment in government projects.

With great confidence, we can say that the project WPP ENERGY will be very popular in the world. The strong and competent team, which already has a great experience in the field of energy, is responsible for its implementation.
Undoubtedly, the project contributes revolution in the world energy.
I believe that the project is realized in full volume and will come to the big market, occupying a sector of the energy branch.

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