WORLDEX  – Today we will talk about such direction as trading. Agree, the topic is quite relevant and urgent. In this case, trading will be given in the field of cryptocurrencies. And it is already serious enough but at the same time a young director.
WorldEx is a platform for the dissemination of digital data designed for decentralization and development. The platform aims to address some of the problems faced by entrepreneurs, such as unauthorized users, plans with Utilnymi funds, the selection of new employees, restrictions or interventions, as well as customer assistance, which are unacceptable.

WorldEx Platform for the platform contributed to the democratization and formation of Kriptotrejdinga. Due to the wide possibilities and requirements, we have to solve a number of difficulties related to current solutions, for this purpose, in fact, on any platform. Thanks to the earlier, which can be used at any time because of your building or Sabina, all you need is a simple device and inclusion in the Web. They pay a lot to build the truth between third-party investors who can reach any of the reputations.

Trading platform
Trading platforms are a help in connecting buyers and other trading services to trade in the market. When they are accompanied by transactions, the platform will also accept the transaction.
Dirѕt trading platforms were designed to provide equal opportunities for trading, and usually, trade areas. The only difference between these aspects is that they do not have a fixed trademark, but each seller uses them to make a deal.
Cryptocurrency Brokers-based stock exchanges are still not allowed to buy tickets for what they can get. They are often compared with brokers because they still work.
Initial payment

Basically WorldEx, or ever, first of all, new possibilities should be created for the withdrawal and development of any other, as well as any fees that may be taken for any attempt of any attempt. Some of them may not be so informative as much as possible, or if they can be difficult, and if so, then this may be the best thing to say. If the platform should not consist in the fact that all that was asked to declare itself, what They do to hide. Professional programs worldex with reduced commission fees will be attractive for traders.

Project plan
Taking into account that worldex income will be obtained from the following sources:
Exchange FE WorldEx will initially pay 0.15% of the fixed transaction fee.
Later, other options will follow, including a layout that can be used, and additional rewards may apply.
WorldEx cannot be 0.15%.

The next world WorldEx may charge a withdrawal fee.
Listing fe wdxhanng will choose Innovative and other assets to make sure that they can be linked to these listings.
Margin fee if you make a deal, you can be aware of everything that was before.
Other people out there may be others that may be useful to you, as they can be used for other purposes.
A few words about the ICO of this project.
The token will be called: WDX
The sales will be held from March 18, 2018.
Total tokens will be issued 100 000 000 tokens WDX.
For sale will go 50 000 000 tokens WDX.
Price per unit token WDX: 1 WDX = $0.65.
Maximum sales target: 4 000 000 $
Minimum sales target: 10 000 000 $

Token propagation
The above amount of WDX will be derived.
WDX allocation
50% 50 000 000 members of ICO
40% 40 000 000 body care
10% 10 000 000 previous level

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