Worldcore-Easy And Convenient Financial Solutions

Worldcore is the solution of the various payments that will be made financially its customers become more easy and convenient. Worldcore itself has a clear cisi and its future and already in the set. Worldcore is not a new player in the financial world, they’re officially launching in October 2015. As well as a spate of activity has been carried out in the year 2015 as the launch of an API, the more than 10 finance, the launch of prepaid debit cards, and the year-end 2015 they announced would be able to use visa/mastercard.

Continuing in the year 2016 starts with the announcement in the official can use already wordcore visa/mastercard. From the beginning of the year until the end of the year has done an awful lot of activities such as the launch of a biometric to access worldcore by using sound, virtual debit card issuance announcement, trademark registration in EU trademark, the launch of their official blog, the launch of the afisiliasi program, the integration of plugins, withdraw or payoun using unionpay cards, pemberikan the first prize and closed with the announcement of the replenishment of mobile phones more than 150 countries.

In this year the year 2017, also carried out an awful lot of kediatan i.e. such as the addition of 8 languages on the main website woldcore, the addition of access keys to advance, audit certificates PCI DSS level 1, the launch of smart invoicing to qualify and receive payments, the EPA, making a contract with JCDecaux, and announcement of prototype worldcore trade by using blockchain.

Why customers should choose worldcore it is the fundamental question from prospective customers and possibly for investors. It is in this with you which dasari still searching – search final payment solution which is dreaming of a financial future better. That’s why you should choose worldcore because it has many advantages such as:

Already have an ultimate security
Worldcore is already equipped with a high level of security with certified by PCI DSS level 1. Not only that, worldcore has also been equipped with a Extended Validation SSL certificate as well as the sophistication of security using biometric authentication using facekey and also use the voicekey. And besides all also are still in the add security using SMS authentication.

It is set by the regulation of the company
The EU is already in payment institutions licensed by the national bank of the Czech Republic and has offices located in prague.

List of services
The services provided is very much like worldcore can perform payments with the use of all the features of a traditional bank accounts, debit cards have a physical and virtual publishing with pebuh also automatically. Can perform money transfer to all visa, mastercard and can also use unionpay cards payment across the world. The more astonishing again all internal transactions are not charged any of the aliases. Checkout integration to accept payments in the webs sites very quickly.

The Mission of the Project Worldcore

Our mission is to develop fully digital ecosystems, integrating features of modern banking alternatives with our cutting edge technology at Blockchain.
Driven by our ambition to revolutionize the fintech industry, our digital institutions gradually integrate Blockchain into portfolio has been set:

  • Blockchain-powered P2P lending platforms are arranged
  • Blockchain-based cash payments platform for easy crypto currency conversion into cash and vice versa
  • The transformation into Switzerland with further IPO on the London Stock Exchange.

Worldcore by combining the best features of all banks, online payment systems, as well as payment of the bridge card, very ready to offer various maca financial services for those that it is true – true idea what it the meaning of freedom in the financial world.

Token WRC
WRC token is a part of the income of Your Worldcore. This is a digital asset, which you can hold or sell currency exchange crypto to other traders after the end of ICO. You can also save your token account and only receive part of the profits once a year. When profits are rising, the token Worldcore WRC You doing the same, due to payment for results increases and other traders would want to buy it. Right over your token is stored in the registry the decentralized blockchain and cannot be changed by other people.

ICO Worldcore
ICO Worldcore, which started on October 14, 2017, aiming to increase to $100 million for the development and promotion of digital bank blockchain platform. Presale phase officially began on October 2, 2017 with a minimum purchase of 500,000 token. The currency is allowed to purchase token is Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Information :

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