White Rabbit is a Browser Plug-in That Recognizes The Content You Watch

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White Rabbit project is a platform for filmmakers and TV series, in which fans and filmmakers can interact with one another, using the latest modern technology from Blockchain.
Thanks to the White Rabbit developed systems, users can broadcast movies and series of the selected open streaming service. White Rabbit offers one entry to the system and a single payment channels, allowing full freedom for the fans. However, this is a film-maker, the business model that makes sense for them and for the company’s White Rabbit. Where everyone gets a fair part in the structure of the platform this White Rabbit. Thus, White Rabbit removes unnecessary intermediaries and allow each Director has the same opportunity for global distribution.
There is a certain paradox associated with the internet which is still confusing me. It might seem that with enough speed to bring high-quality video stream, it should enhance my ability to watch movies, TV shows, series and I liked significantly. Meanwhile, I still have yet to find a legitimate service that will give me a lot of options of media content that I have ever used. Well, except for the torrents.
Actually, this is a real problem. Services like Netflix should facilitate relationships between producers and consumers of media content, but due to their specific field, subscription-based service provider is not making a profit. In fact, Netflix, to show somegains, now produce their own content to compete directly with producers of media.The situation now is the average internet user to have access to all media content which may attract interest, need to subscribe to a few dozen separate streaming service, pay a bunch of money, or subscribe to some providers the main stream. like Netflix and accept the fact that his options would be limited by the selection of Netflix. In addition, to complicate the situation further, there are regional restrictions. It is not surprising when people prefer to use torrents. At least it was more simple.
White Rabbit is a service created by Allan r. Milligan — a veteran of the media industry and the award-winning film producer, and film Panahiyang Hengameh won many prestigious awards at film festivals, including the Oscars and the Golden Palms. This will consolidate the platform for end user access to all providers of media content through one subscription. For internet users, a browser it will look like a simple browser plug-in, powerful enough to provide access to the streaming service, including film making and independent media company, or literally, a provider of media content. All content available through the platform is set via the “rabbit hole” — a library user who in addition to providing the highest quality version of the content that is transmitted, it also has other interesting features such as offers access to extra film and promoting interaction between the fans and filmmakers through the forum, screening VR and AR etc. The architecture of the platform is based on the contract blockchain and smart eases the direct payments from users to a filmmaker or media companies and ensures the reliability and transparency of the transaction. In short, White Rabbit offers business model, which is able to build bridges between producers and consumers and the media become profitable at the same time.
Blockchain technology allows you to transfer data and payment in the list of recordings distributed, that no one can interfere. So the tape is moved to the Blockchain system, then note that it cannot be removed, or modified in any way. Blockchain is widely used in areas such as international money transfers, data security, logistics, social networking and more.
White Rabbit is said to launch companies in the technology Blockchain. Use the Blockchain and smart contracts ensure that payment of the user will be directly transferred to the shareholder without delay. This will allow filmmakers to receive prizes directly over their efforts, and removes the middlemen means the reward will be more accessible to the fans. The main idea of the project is bringing the fans of the White Rabbit and cinematographer approached, thus ensuring effective interaction on the platform of the white rabbit.

Internet space operates based on the principle that all Internet content should be accessible and available worldwide. This does not mean that every person in this structure is a pirate, which means each user wants to see what he wants no matter wherehe is. Market in the Internet industry to determine the rules and set the direction for the user. Most of the population using piracy not because they really want to use piracy, but because they were forced to break the law to see what they like. In two studies from Finland and Australia, 60% of those who called the pirates say they are willing to pay if they provide all the quality content.
White Rabbit company planned to restore balance in the content distribution industry and solve the problem of piracy of video. Create content and reporting availability, simplify work with users, eliminate the middleman and cash crisis for filmmakers. And most importantly, it creates an environment that is truly competitive for a streaming service.
In addition, the White Rabbit through the use of intelligent Blockchain systems and contracts will pay all the holders of film rights over an agreed share of film of the film directly, whenever someone transmits and distributes the film.
White Rabbit is a team of filmmakers who love the film and also the distributor of the film.
White Rabbit aims to become a new platform that provides distribution and transparent structure evenly within the film industry, with the use of modern Blockchain digital streaming market, which currently amounts to more than $300 billion.
Until recently, White Rabbit company withdraw funds for implementation of the idea, through the sale of digital currency — token WRT, where the interaction of user and operations will be performed on the platform of the White Rabbit.
There are now initial token WRT sales, which began on November 27, 2017. Deposits received in the currency of the crypto ETH, where can buy 1ETH 3040 token WRT. Presentation of the bonus is 20%.
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