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White Rabbit Film company was having a lot of anomalies, to incur losses. Start the expensive film production, high performers and expensive advertising. All of that is already complete when the results of their work copied without permission and spread through online media streaming. It turns out that film piracy model not only happens in usa, but many are also happening in the world of international film. Indonesia film piracy losses reached Rp. 65.1 Trilium dollars in 2016 and the data taken from the white Rabbit declared piracy accounted for losses of about $15 billion per year.

See the phenomenon like this, netflix as one of the largest distributors of diduniapun changed its strategy on the sale of digital content. Because after reaching the global market they quickly lowered the number of outstanding film and  Their goal is to produce content as much as they buy, so netflix is going to be a modern studio, because netflix compete directly with traditional Studios, independent producers, studios and content creation. The main difference lies in the control of global distribution stream as did HBO, Netflix and Amazon.
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But they only do trategi that benefit yourself, do not do business model that is sustainable, equitable distribution with filmmakers and producers with a transparent income. In contrast to white Rabbit, all will be easier than sharing revenue is more clear and transparent.

Get To Know The White Rabbit
Alan r. Milligan (CEO & Partner) is an award-winning film producer, alongside alan work forming the new platfom as solutions in film industry namely the White rabbit. White Rabbit is a browser plugin platform that aims to overcome problems in digital film ditribusi.

White Rabbit offers a digital platform with a digital token carrying was supported with blockchain technology, which allows users to access digital content globally, reducing the cost of producers and creatives, for results with streaming site to encourage innovative streaming market and offer monetization model in a transparent, instant for producers, investors, artists.

There were five challenges in the work of the project White Rabbit, among others:
1. Too few movies and even fewer filmmakers make money from digital distribution
A film generate a bit of income and only paid in one film production. The majority did not accept the results of the distribution when the cost of production as the film brilliant indie and arthouse surely spend millions of dollars.

2. Lack of transparency
The received income from film production does not have transparency and payment as soon as possible, it took 6 months to 5 years to achieve of production movies. Even so, producers, directors and investors, not many know how big the impressions they produce from prodcution the film.

3. The Pirate Movie Vs. Fan
This industry does not differentiate between the hijackers and film fans, film piracy in principle did not pay periods and Fans were forced to break the law because they do not have access to their favorite movies and series and do not know to pay for it.

4. lack of choice
OTT (over the top) or a closed server subscription service that dominates the market. They produce more content and buy yourself, little content. OTT (over the top) can no longer be regarded as a distributor, they are the modern-day studio.

5. lack of comfort
Ambiguous digital distribution due to the lack of competition in the OTT (over the top) inhibits innovation on UI, search and services. However, if the subscription service is a lot more means more account login, more and more searches for users to find the content they want

The fifth of these challenges, of course, White Rabbit takes steps to determine the solution of these problems. The solution to this challenge is White Rabbit i.e. create a browser plugin platform recognizes the content you are streaming, streaming server site from pear to pear and the traditional server you choose to stream.

After the content is recognized, the plugin allows users to pay the holders of rights and the film-maker directly while they stream. Therefore, we are also moving a competitive market for digital distribution of content creators. The market is free to use either user or content is not user content. White Rabbit separates the distribution of payments by offering a single login with a single payment system. After that, users can stream without limit and can see the whole content.

With so White Rabbit can become an effective platform in determining who will pay for a work. If there is an audience by offering token content means they show viewers who were responsible. The difference between the pirate movie with fans very clearly, when there is a pirate movie fans to task then admonished him to pay.

This type of product is offered by White Rabbit
Browser plug-ins
Installed on your browser
Content that is streamed on P2P streaming site or open server
Reduce the cost that is assigned to the content, add a film/tv series to users

Rabbit Hole (library)
Ensure transparent and direct payment to CRH
Linked on portal Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole (library users)
Accessed through a browser plugin or login site
Provides the highest quality version and content streaming observed
Any film or series may offer additional (discounted Director, sensors, and behind the scenes, product sales and others)
The interaction between the fans and filmmakers (forum; screenings of VR, AR, etc.)
The development of third-party services in the ecosystem of Rabbit Hole generating new revenue streams, interaction and buzz around the content.

Streaming sites (sites Registered Partners and partners-PSS)
Sites that want to share revenue with White Rabbit signed up through the process of safely and quickly.
White Rabbit will set certain rules that must be followed in order to maintain its status as a registered.
PSS-streaming sites or remove content from the site upon request streaming CRH.
PSS meets high quality standards through a process of UI, selection, brands and other criteria

WEBSITE :http://www.whiterabbit.one
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