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What’s On Pic – Users are the biggest asset, so it is important to ensure uninterrupted operation, allowing them to receive rewards around the world from thousands of participating stores.To do this, what’s On Pic uses advanced technology that will improve your user experience with an easy-to-use interface to track your rewards.

What’s on Pic strives to create a simple and more enjoyable experience for its users, which allows them to receive rewards around the world from thousands of participating trading companies. To do this, a simple and understandable site was created, as well as a convenient interface to track their remuneration and income.
The team’s internal goal was to create a single, stable platform that could harmonize remuneration issues, monitor the distribution of tokens to participants, and ensure transparency and accountability with clear immediate Execution. Ethereum was chosen as the platform because it has the unique ability to use a smart contract and can reduce costs and time to authenticate the transaction and deliver cash to the member’s account. By using a wallet that is compatible with ERC20, members can store their tokens, receive rewards in platform tokens, or receive their own token caches.

Why ERC20 Standard tokens?
Ethereum has created an ecosystem where everything is working smoothly, using tokens to power the network. Ethereum-based tokens allow an exchange, cryptocurrency purses and smart contracts to know in advance how any new tokens in the system will interact. In addition, ERC20 defines six features that allow other smart contracts to communicate with the Ethereum network, creating a consistent environment for transactions.

With smart contracts and other sophisticated computing capabilities, Ethereum is considered to be a more flexible, adaptable and stable platform.
Blockchain technology was introduced to ensure transparency, stability, and security of the platform. Blockchain technology also simplifies the interaction between platform participants and reduces fraud and costs for all parties involved. AWT tokens conform to the ERC20 standard. This means that they are compatible with the Ethereum wallet and can be easily transferred from one address to another.

AWT token
What’s On Pic token allows you to create a business model to empower all participants to interact with the platform and receive incentives in the form of cash rewards and AWT tokens.
Members of the What’s On Pic community will receive cash rewards and tokens when the purchase occurs through the messages they have noted.
The value of AWT tokens will increase over time by developing the service and increasing the number of users who will increase the demand for tokens. This will allow participants to gain more rewards and benefits.

What’re On Pic members earn AWT tokens every time a purchase comes from a user’s post. Initially for each earned $1 the consumer will additionally receive a token stimulus in the ratio of Fiat 10:1, which is financed from the transactional flow of income. Any conclusions requiring conversion of AWT to local currency will be made at the current market prices and will involve a transaction processing fee, which may vary depending on the market and the method of withdrawal.

How to use tokens?
In addition to displaying and storing a token on your wallet, you can use it in a few more options:
1. Payment for advertising on the platform:
 Users, sellers, and advertisers offering their services and products on what’s on Pic can pay their advertising fees using AWT.
 Banner ads or priority campaigns can be paid with tokens. As the value of the tokens increases, any ransom will be valued at current market prices, effectively guaranteeing a discounted bid on advertising in the platform for early users.
2. Payment Execution:
 Participants will be able to buy products in the what’s on Pic market and eventually purchase products from Integrated trading partners who accept payments from ERC20 purses According to the real-time exchange rate of the token.

Token information
What’s On Pic  The AWT token is released on the basis of the Ethereum platform and fully complies with the ERC-20 standard. Support for this standard ensures compatibility and ease of integration of the token with third-party services (purses, exchanges, announcements, etc.).
AWT token emission is necessary to raise funds for further development of the project and support of the platform. Tokens will not be generated at the pre-sales stage.

The number of AWT tokens is limited. AWT tokens are not mined by any company or user. A maximum number of tokens: 7,213,925.00 AWT. After that, the release of AWT tokens will be stopped. Tokens for the team and expert reward will be automatically locked in a 1-year smart contract. The tokens that comprise the reserve Fund will automatically be locked into a smart contract for 6 months. All unsold tokens will be burnt according to the rules of smart contracts, except for reserved tokens.

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