What’s On Pic is More Than Just a Reward Service.

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What’s On Pic will allow users to mark any photo on the Internet and social networks using IOS, Android, and browser extensions. Artificial intelligence algorithms will allow you to recognize the products in the photo, as well as all the duplicates of this photo on the Internet.
By touching the desired product in the picture, the user will see more detailed information about the product and get links to the stores to go to the purchases.
In addition, tagging the items in your photos gives users the cashback. When the purchase takes place, the photo publishers will receive a reward from the purchase made through their messages. To enable users to enjoy shopping, a simple and intuitive website with a user-friendly interface will be created so that they can track their rewards and revenues.
Why is this important?
The e-commerce market is transforming itself by merging with social networks. The behavior of the buyers has changed and is now connected with the phenomenon of impulsive buying.
Consumers are driven by emotion and ready to emulate and impress others. The statistics of impulsive purchases looks rather promising-more than 88% of Americans make impulse purchases, and the sum spent on such purchases makes almost 40% of all sales of e-commerce.
Vision  Mission
It is a tool that will change the market. What’s On Pic mission is to improve e-commerce by providing the best online shopping experience for users around the world.
What’s On Pic is a service that will facilitate online shopping and make them more enjoyable, allowing users to find products from photos and receive rewards from purchases made from published photos.
What’s on Pic creates a platform that allows users to mark items on every photo on the web. With browser extensions and mobile apps, users will be given the opportunity to tag their photos on social networks, as well as photos of other people on the Internet.
How does the service work?
The opportunity to earn extra money has always attracted people, and many companies use it to their advantage. Today, people have more and more opportunities to get passive income through online services and social networks. The idea of passive income is excellent, but it is unlikely to work if users will struggle with the functionality of the product. Therefore it is very important to provide the best experience, creating convenient products and services. The easier it is to use, the better for the user.
What’s On Pic  is a product that improves customer experience with ease of use. An intuitive interface where any user can easily put a tag and post a photo on the internet to earn income by withdrawing money into their account.
The purchase process is as simple as ABC and does not differ from “likes” in social networks.
Since the audience of the service is divided into buyers and publishers, it makes sense to consider how what’s on Pic works on the part of the buyer and the publisher.
From the publisher’s side
Ability to mark photos and earn income from sales of products.
All users will be given an opportunity to mark photos and receive income from sales of products. The platform is improved and uses artificial intelligence to automate the recognition of products in photos. The process can be described in a few simple steps:
1. The user marks the item in the photo using an application or extension in the browser.
2. Anyone who has seen this photo or its duplicate on the Internet can see the goods by simply mouse over and make a purchase, choosing the best offer among many stores with this unique extension in the browser.
3. The shop where the purchase is made gives a reward to the partner (this reward does not increase the price of the goods).
4. The original photo publisher receives a reward minus commission platform.
5. In addition, participants receive AWT every time a purchase is made from a user’s post. Initially for each earned $1 the consumer will additionally receive a token-stimulus in the ratio of Fiat from the buyer’s side
People are viewing hundreds of photos on news sites, forums and their favorite social networks every day. The user can click on them, see description, characteristics, choose the size, color and of course make a purchase.
What’s on Pic will offer an It should be noted that photos in the photo are not the ones that users are accustomed to seeing on advertising sites or in stores. The pictures in what’s on Pic are regular photos with a celebrity or idol. In these photos, users can see what the products look like in everyday life.
To improve the quality of content, it is also planned to implement tag verification.
Shop side
One of the biggest challenges for each store is to attract new customers. What’s On Pic is the place where stores will be able to get them.
Because people tend to trust the recommendations of their friends, photos taken from everyday life and posted by ordinary users create more trust in the store.
This ability of what’s On Pic, allows stores to get hot leads, which will turn prospects into customers.

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