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Wellmee – Hello everyone, if you are passionate about changing the integrity of the project Wellmee, a sensible review plan reviews that can help you get information that can help you see their vision and mission, the result is important to know the accuracy of the reviews, so you do not Feel free to invest.
Happier people are 20% more effective at work. We present a unique mobile application Wellmee, which enhances the overall well-being of its users through mentoring, attraction and entertainment. With the Wellmee app, people are more productive and creative, bringing more profit to their employers. To reward your employees, there are wellmee tokens associated with the application. These tokens will be of great value in the real world markets.

There are many relevant studies that describe the problem of low productivity in the workplace due to the lack of happiness and separation of employees. For example, according to the American global consulting company Gallup, managing the efficiency of Gallup, the unfortunate employees cost the US in the amount of 450 to 550 billion US dollars a year to reduce productivity. Another study shows that 87% of C-Suite executives recognize that unoccupied employees are one of the biggest threats to their business.

One part that Welmie should mention is relaxation/meditation. According to the World Health Organization, mental health disorders in the world economy account for 1 trillion dollars a year, and depression is the main cause of poor health and disability.

Wellmee we don’t invent the wheel. We are based on the main conclusions of recent decades on the topics of positive psychology, well-being, happiness, and a prosperous life. Combine it with proven, efficient technology solutions to create a truly functional application.

Wellmee takes the foundations of several revered global psychologists, such as Ph.D. Martin Seligman and his theory of welfare 10, where he explains how well-being is measured, and where he formulates a report on PERMA (positive emotions, interaction, relationships, meaning and well-being) (more on our approach in the next chapter 3.3.1). Dr. Ellen Langer, who uses the abbreviation Glado to describe that well-being is the result of a generous, loving, authentic, direct and otkrytogo11. In Chapter 0, we turn to our competitors, who are more or less successful in the field of “on the basis of awareness”, to show that there is now a huge space in the global market for wellness.

All of this is in line with the UK government’s UK project, which published a report on “mental capital and well-being” in 2008. This study brings 5 ways of mental well-being. All of these should be covered, encouraged and encouraged by the Wellmee application. This is
1. Connect
2. Be active
3. Please note
4. Continue learning
5. Give it

Moreover, improving the well-being of individuals will lead to better social well-being. “It is expected that the achievement of a small change in the average level of well-being of the population will lead to a significant decrease in the percentage of mental disorders, as well as a percentage that has sub-clinical disorders. The purpose of the Wellmee application is not to force a person to use it for hours and hours every day.

Why Choose Welmie?
The goal of Wellmees is to improve the welfare of all consumers. Together with their tokens, Wlme will allow employers to reward their employees who use the Wellmee application. APP Wellmee is purely private (not a social network)
. The work of the application is confirmed by the results of major research on positive human psychology. He uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. The main problem in the labor market.

Studies have shown that unhappy people are less productive and reduce business revenues, according to the C Suite executives, they recognize that because couples diverge, they suffer from depression, stress, etc., and this is one of the reasons to reduce Performance.

Wellmee offers us to solve the following method of this problem, namely:

Wellmee  will seek to embrace the eight key areas that are critical to everyone’s well-being, including positive emotions, relationships, meaning and purpose and active participation in various activities. Improved condition and well-being will be tracked in their application, which will be periodically evaluated by the employer-will maintain unevenness, and this is the highest priority of the application!

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