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Waves X  – Good day readers of my blogs, I want to tell you about the fork of WAVES, which is called WAVES X-it will be a completely new improvement and automated cryptocurrency, which turns out, again, as a result of hardfork WAVES, it slips on the stock exchanges and Occupies a popular fundraising platform.
About Waves X-at the heart of this hardfork will lie the following upgrades, such as.
 High transaction rates.
 Increased level of decentralization.
 Broad community participation.
 High profitability, which is a good value, that is, will block validators by implementing POS-This is the basic concept!

Why do Waves make hardfork?
Well, first of all, we know that Waves has performed a number of excellent indicators and received its significant rating, released many tokens and also received a lot of thanks from ICO projects, namely simplicity of creation and accessibility. But, if you look at the current state of all tokens, news, attacks, security holes, you need to take action and so WAVES decided to make a hardfork, which will change serious, significant changes in the system.
Advantages of Hardfork Waves X:
Problem-solving and we are offered a much improved and optimized version of Waves, that is (Waves X).
 Fully decentralized (to the maximum)
 Democratic.
 High speed-The transaction rate of Waves 1000 TPX per second is higher than that of Bitcoin (less than 10tps) and Ethereum (25 TPs). But, on this Waves X  will not stop and will increase the speed of transactions up to 10,000
 Beneficial for crypto-community and ICO-projects.
 The very important advantage of WAVES X is the deployment of a blockchain project of any complexity!
 Available and acceptable-we all know that the Waves platform does not use gas unlike Ethereum and this is an advantage in availability. That is the Commission Waves X is 0.001 Waves
And yes, such supplement as fundraising, that is, any user without knowledge can create a token and start fundraising-it is a prostate use and a significant advantage, but as written in the technical document, the list of the possibility is limited.
On the launch of the decentralized Exchange Waves X.
Yes, I want to tell you that there will be a very important chip for traders, the exchange will include the following funds (ERC-20, BTC, Ethereum and so on). 
Waves X-Plans in the future to create a trade derivative and margin lending.
Waves X  Why the decentralized Exchange Waves X, and not other competitors and what are the differences?
The fact is that Waves X is going to implement off-chain agreement of orders, that is, users of the Waves x platform will be able to broadcast their orders to the entire network without recording them on the blockchain, thereby reducing delays and commissions for transactions.
See, in contrast, the elements of the network through which all transactions of the exchange, will not have access to the process of comparison, thus Waves X will allow decentralizing the trading process, keeping its speed and availability. Also, abuse Forms (front orders) will be categorically impossible with Waves X. And the hacking of the exchange is almost impossible-this is a strong advantage of Waves X
DETAIL INFORMATION :Bounty Waves X: 30 December – 17 January
Wesbsite : https://waves-x.com
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5091265.0
Whitepaper : https://waves-x.com/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram : https://t.me/wavesx
GitHub : https://github.com/waves-x
Twitter : https://twitter.com/wavesx_platform
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