W12 Protect Your Investments With Smart Contract Technology For Token Sales

W12 – Over the past couple of years, the world of investment has literally rolled over. If earlier investments in technological entrepreneurship were available only to foundations and large private investors, now any person can be an investor. As in any novice industry, crypto are inherent problems. They are similar to those who collect funds and invest them. W12 startup team aims to eliminate a significant layer of such problems by creating a blockchain-market of ICO-projects with phased investment, and today we will talk about the ICO of this project.

Despite the boom ICO, there are many problems in this market. The project team of W12 conducted a study on the methodology of development of clients (methodology of innovative marketing researches) and revealed a number of problems both for investors and for the founders of the project.

If the project proves to be a fraud or for other reasons will not be able to return the dividends, investors will lose their deposits. According to international statistics, 90% of the invested projects die before they reach the break-even point.

As for the ICO, many experts say that most of them are scammers when the founders did not even intend to implement the project. Or they have collected funds, but on ones, having absolutely no experience in the business. Even if the founders have experience in entrepreneurship, huge money relaxes them, and they spend them not as effective as presented in the reports. Development is late and market penetration is slowing down.

The problem is also the fall in the price of tokens when entering the exchange. This is because too many tokens are allocated for any service. For development, in Bounty, advisors, AirDrop, etc. In addition, the distribution process is not organized correctly. Therefore, at the entrance to the exchange, there is a dump and a collapse in the token price. As a result, the depositors lose their money. In many cases, the price is growing and many times higher than the original over time, but this is happening less and less.

Of course, it should be noted the inexperience of investors. They estimate projects independently, having no experience and not knowing what to pay attention to. This “thumb-in-the-sky” strategy leads to more losses.

The founders of ICO projects also have problems. First of all, it is a high entry barrier. If at the dawn of ICO investment was enough to make a post on Bitcointalk, and the project could attract investments, now marketing can make up to 20-30%. The second most important issue is security. You need to be very careful not to steal or steal some of the money using phishing links and programs.

W12 solves these problems by creating a platform for interaction between investors and ICO projects. W12 is an algorithm that reduces the risk of loss of invested funds up to 99.9%. Thanks to it, there are almost no fraudulent projects on the platform. Everything is built on transparency and automated reporting.

The collected funds are allocated for the project not immediately but in tranches.

Each tranche corresponds to the KPI that the project should receive to obtain the next tranche. If there are deviations from the roadmap, investors can decide whether to earmark further investment in the project or return the remaining funds back to the investors.

On the W12 platform, experts will play a significant role in alerting investors to the risks they see in a particular project. Trust management will also be available. Experts for a certain percentage will manage the portfolio of investors, diversify it.

Token name: W12
Smartkontrakt: Ethereum ERC-20
ICO Start: July 27, 2018
End of ICO: September 27, 2018
Hard cap: 30 000 ETH
Price: 1 W12 = 0.00035 ETH
Investments are accepted: Lajtkoin, Bitcoin, Jefirium

The relevance of W12 is ripe. It is a great idea to invest in projects in stages, and in case of discrepancy return the investment. The project is well received by the community, as evidenced by the high ratings in the ICO listings.

WebSite: https://tokensale.w12.io
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