VOLT, P2P Delivery Platform based on Blockchain

Volt is the P2P Delivery Platform based on Blockchain fully transparent, secure and there are no intermediaries or brokers, which leads to cost reduction offered to customers, and also to maximize profits for the janitor.
With Volt, you will get a lot of advantage/benefit for here delivering the goods will be shipped on the same day through Blockchain.
We offer an environment that is transparent. All customers and courier or delivery companies have the benefit of privacy and transparency of costs and expenses. Not only that, we also have a secure payment system that allows two entities P2P confirmed to send and receive money held in the Token VOLTS until after a successful exchange of services between the two sides.

We are confident the VOLT platform would be successful, since a direct transaction model is an efficient P2P VOLT model that aims to eliminate brokerage fees by lowering costs directly to customers and couriers, to less than 5%, or even with the expectations for remove completely and the existing delivery Model is a centralized model, with a system called Hub & Spoke. This centralized model, including DHL, has dominated the market shipments worldwide. However, the centralized model cannot meet the needs of shipping on the same day.

Volt is a P2P-based delivery model blockchain who completed the same day delivery restrictions are more effective than existing models.Why are we so sure?
We have a great opportunity to be successful because we see other platforms like Uber Governing Centre plays a role as an intermediary and receive fees of 20% or more.VOLT platform built not only to disrupt other industries. But we want to be the recommended Platform in the world and allows a centralized platform like Uber, decentralized and allow direct delivery via P2P.

Shipping same day delivery time shortens the VOLT into 1-5, while 1-3 day in the online shopping center. The hub is the system spoke & collect all items that will be shipped, group them, and then sent to their destination. This means that every packet that is sent from the 32nd Street to 54th Street in Manhattan, NY will be sent to Delaware for classification and sent back to Manhattan. This is time-consuming and also raises the cost of warehousing. To overcome this deficiency, a courier who is located near the road to-32 just put together what will be sent to nearby and sends it as P2P so it can be delivered in a few hours.

There are different rules and requirements for service delivery in the respective countries and regions. However, technically there is no way to set the user VOLT. Therefore, users of the VOLT doesn’t need to spend time and money to meet the regulation.

The shipping market around the world 10 trillion USD
The online Annual market growth of 20%
We only accept the ETH to purchase tokens.
1 ETH = 50,000 VOLTS (ACDC)

The schedule can be adjusted based on the crypto situation of the market.
Exchange with other currencies will only be available after the sale of the token is completed.

The way it works in the market
The business model of the VOLT connect customers and couriers and provides customized algorithms utilizing Big Data and matching system that uses smart contracts for service delivery that is easy. Customers need coins VOLT for use of this service.

When the delivery of food, goods, delivery distance, a time required, taking into account the weight of the goods shall be determined in accordance with the amount of difficulty of work. We call these work units “Jula “. For example, if a customer wants to send the goods to the named point A mile away and you need 600 Jula, and 1200 Jula is required to send the same goods to B point 6 km away. VOLT is developing an optimal algorithm to calculate the amount of work on this and will introduce a system of an auction (auction) low for some special delivery.

Stream Of Tokens
Customers who need the service can purchase coins from the Exchange. A customer will buy 100 coins for delivery services that cost 100 coins. Customers will pay for 100 coins to the VOLT where VOLT on request to the courier. After the service is completed, the VOLT transfer 95 coins to the courier. About 5% (the rate can be adjusted to maximize profits) coins used as a Commission for the benefit of the company. The company sold the coins earned to the Exchange to generate income.

Income used to maintain the company or provide dividends to shareholders of the VOLT, but not to coin holders. If this process goes through cycles, demand for the coins will eventually be higher than the supply from the Exchange, which results in higher prices for the coins. A combination of algorithms and the price of current coins, coin value adjust VOLTS/Jula. In the long run, coins/Jula levels will increase, and thus can have higher Jula with 1 VOLT Coin. And as a result, increase the value of Jula.

Website: https://volttech.io
Whitepaper : https://volttech.io/public/Final%20VOLT%20White%20paper%200410.pdf
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