VIVID Manage & Analyze Crypto In A New Dimension

VIVID – Investigation on cryptocurrency investors using several tools and resources key in their strategies daily. Surely exchanges, where trading occurs, is itself the core of the process. However, there are a number of tools that help a person maintain a healthy and growing portfolio. For many people, the use of cellular-based portfolio tracking application is very important. Direct integration with your smartphone or tablet allows users, for example, to set the warning on certain coins sent as notification push in where they can be easily seen and reacted.

However, the world cryptocurrency is multi-faceted and truly engaged, where trade and market data graphics away from the two-dimensional in nature. With the advent of contemporary smartphones and high quality in the tracking of the position, be possible to build a series of services to guide investors through their portfolio in depth and understanding is not possible in a 2D device.

The intersection of this exciting technology and our own desire to trade as well as the latest in Augmented and Mixed Reality has made us create Vivid.

What Is Vivid?
Vivid disturbing how people interact, understand and communicate their crypto portfolio. From advanced technical indicators, to see your ownership in a completely new dimension, to collaborate with others in the advanced trading concepts, our goal is to advance the chances for both experienced trader and the enthusiastic newcomer.
Vivid Platform Ecosystem
Vivid platform ecosystem designed to be released in stages when the company, the community, and a series of features evolve. A comprehensive approach has been taken in compiling the pipeline development that solidified as depicted below:
 Token Vivid
 the core Service
 Exchange and Market Data
 Augmented Reality
 Phone application
 Desktop application
 Content Platform
 Development of FIRE
The Advertising Platform AR
It offers a unique, Vivid AR gives some advantage to capture mindshare from the audience:
 With traditional ads being run by the original ads, brands must be unobtrusive ways to mix ads with content that can be consumed by the user. Add new dimensions also adds a new layer of creativity to integrate sponsored content and organic.
 In today’s society, where his attention span is short, Vivid provides a unique level of interactivity to engage consumers on display and video ads.
 on the web, the inventory is usually limited by the number of impressions and real estate available, while in the 3D world, where volumetric is not limited to, we offer more space to spread the ad are not striking.
 As a newborn, media advertising platform Vivid circumvent current generation ad blocker.

The Ecosystem Consists Of Vivid Advertising:
. Advertisers-companies/brands run campaigns paid
. A clear user-audience consuming content
. Publisher-choose our ad network partners who have integrated with our API to develop applications to expand the community; They also come in the form of influencers who upload user-generated content into the system, such as model TA, graphs, etc., we act as a partner for the results.

The Development Plan Of Vivid
Phase I-iOS applications/Android mobile application development-Vivid has been going on since the beginning of 2018. The flagship application this is our entry point into the market, and is scheduled for first-time buyers to expand tosensale in the form of the early access beta, with a public launch in late Q2 2018.

Phase II-Desktop applications-with the formation of the core user base on mobile applications, user accounts, and network services, we will expand into a stand-alone desktop application, vacation 2018.

Phase III-Platform content – is expected to be launched together with a desktop application, we are targeting a release Holiday 2018, with subsequent updates to mobile applications to provide support throughout the Vivid apps ecosystem.

Phase IV-Vivid SDK-release date TBD when we launched mobile applications early, the time schedule will be applied to phase four of a Vivid ecosystem, along with third-party developers early partnerships and collaboration on new products based on the platform is Vivid.

A token-based ERC20 Ethereum, is a utility that allows the user a wide range of demographics to connect and utilize the Vivid platform, including but not limited to: access to professional grade features, vote on user-generated content and access to advertising space inside the platform.
Rincian sale of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales-
The Purchase Token Ethereum
The price of a Token 10,000 VIVID/1 ETH
Bonus 5%-20%
A total of 140 million Token Supply VIVID


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