Viva Network The Future of Mortgages

Viva Network – It is not so easy to ensure the reliability of purchase and sale transactions to date, and statistics are such that the current level of reliability is minimal. Finding the option that will be most suitable for the conditions is quite difficult. Mortgage borrowers in this issue face the greatest number of problems. The Viva Network project is designed to solve all the problems described. This is a modern development created especially for those who make real estate transactions. The project promises to solve various problems associated with the acquisition of real estate, its implementation, as well as the improvement of the process with the most advanced techniques in the industry.

The Viva Network Project envisages the formation of a system with decentralization of management, ensuring the interaction of large investors with the recipients of mortgage loans. Their association is supposed to be implemented in a cloud platform environment, created on the basis of advanced blockchain techniques and algorithms. Innovative developments imply the use of a modern Jefirium platform to form a set of various services operating on the basis of smart contracts. This ensures the absolute safety of mutual transactions between the recipients of housing loans, engaging transactions within a specially formed platform fractionalized Mortgage shares (FMS).

The Viva Network project will create a specialized FMS Exchange application focused on the purchase and sale of real estate that is involved in the secondary market. Due to the use of mortgage shares in the modern system for lenders is supposed to form a set of conditions for the purchase of mortgage loans from buyers of real estate located in different parts of the world. The process becomes accelerated and as simple as possible through the use of an innovative platform.

For each participant of the transaction access to the market will be absolutely unhindered, in addition, it will have full access to the use of international arbitration with interest rate, which gives the most favorable conditions for any type of credit. This is a more reduced interest rate to get the most significant profit from your own investment. Once the project is fully operational, all participants in the mortgage market will receive the most significant benefits.

What was the purpose of the project?
The developers of Viva Network say that it is intended for the leveling of the World mortgage lending industry, where there are no important points, such as safety and effectiveness of transactions and transactions. The result is the formation of a system that introduces a fast, transparent and profitable way to acquire objects in the secondary market. The authors of the project have initiated the development of their own algorithm to secure real estate loans. This is ensured by the intelligent infrastructure of smart contracts. The peculiarity of the financing system is that it ensures the formation of contact points of creditors and buyers all over the planet.


The Viva Network project has become an interesting solution with certain advantages in case of its implementation:
 Technologies will be used, managed to show on the positive side due to its peculiarities and modern approach to the organization of the process;
 Mortgage loans will be financed decentralized and without any obstacles, which would no longer require recourse to intermediaries in the form of banks and other financial institutions;
 The project involves the formation of a free mortgage market in its framework so that the housing becomes more affordable, and the transactions are much more effective than at the current moment;
 Each participant gains a profit percentage by increasing profits and simplifying transactions.

Features of the purchase or loan process
The user will have several easy steps in the course of using the project. At first, he selects the real estate object, which he intends to buy. He then visits the VIVA platform to find an investor ready to give him a mortgage. In a case when the borrower and the investor find mutual understanding and they fit all the conditions described, then the investor will be transferred money to this platform, and then the system itself lists them to the interested person. Smart contracts and blockchain technology ensure honesty and absolute transparency of all these operations.

Monthly the borrower will be engaged in repayment of payments on the credit which is provided by the investor in traditional currency. The system will automatically send them to the investor regardless of the point of the planet. Thus, the need to involve third parties in the process of financial institutions is completely excluded.

General Information
Token: VIVA
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Number: 3 billion VIVA
Price: 35.714 VIVA = 1 ETH
Payment: ETH

Soft cap:
Hard cap: 3 billion VIVA Preico
Start: 31.03.2018
Completion: 14.04.2018
Bonus: 35%
Start: 14.04.2018 Completion: 14.06.2018
Up to 11.200 ETH-25%
Up to 33.070 ETH-15%
Up to 68.700 ETH-No 1-1.9 ETH-5%
1.9-2.9 ETH-10%
2.9-7 ETH-15%

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