VERTEX  – The advent of Blockchain technology has turned out to be revolutionary and has changed people’s lives throughout the world. In our life quickly entered such concepts as Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, ICO. Many are already trading or making investments in digital money, abandoning traditional money and precious metals. The growing interest in Kriptomiru causes the emergence of new cryptocurrency and projects.

Prior to 2017, the ICO (Initial Coin offering) as a means of raising funds in the project was not particularly popular. But everything has changed with the explosive growth of the value of Bitcoin. Its exponential growth led to the Kriptorynok of many new participants who drew attention to the ICO as a mechanism to support new projects.

Currently, the ICO is perceived by many investors ambiguously and has a mixed reputation due to unsuccessful conduct and fraud that occurred over the past few months. The team of the Vertex project decided to fix this situation by creating a unique ecosystem where investors will be able to make profit and companies to raise funds.

About Vertex Project
The idea of the Vertex project is quite simple and is to filter out all fraudulent and nonviable projects before they get funding. A team of world-renowned investors, leaders of international business and venture capital will be created to conduct the analysis. The selection of projects for financing will be based on a specially developed methodology and personal experience of each team member. Thus, Vertex will form the secondary market ICO, which will benefit both investors and companies.

The possibilities offered by Vertex provide a very serious convenience. Those people who are going to invest in the ICO will be able to choose prospective projects. This will reduce the investment risk. They also benefit from preferential pricing on the Vertex platform and a fair system that will allow each user to buy tokens VERTEX  with a significant discount in any of the projects that have been selected. In addition, a decentralized system that allows users to store their funds on their own purses will protect against hacker attacks on the platform itself!

For projects that have undergone a rigorous validation process, it will be possible to attract more resources at an early stage because they will be able to access the pool of users who have passed KYC/AML. Also projects that conduct ICO on Vertex platform, additionally will receive free advertising, as well as consulting services and other support.

Implementing the ICO verification mechanism with a strict 6-step process, Vertex strives to become a standard in the industry to which buyers will aspire. This will help to improve the quality of projects that are being launched as a whole.

ICO Details
Token name-VTEX
Total will be issued 300 000 000 tokens VTEX
The sale of the token will start on August 27, 2018, and the end is scheduled for December 15, 2018. The cost of 1 VTEX at the time of sales will be from 0.21 to 0.31 USD. You can buy VTEX tokens using the following currencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH). The minimum investment should be 50 USD or its equivalent.

The Hard Cap project is 44 700 000 USD. Soft Cap – 3 000 000 USD. If the project fails to attract this amount, the funds will be returned to the depositors minus transaction fees. Citizens and residents of the USA and China will not be able to participate in the initial sale of tokens (ITS).

The distribution of issued tokens will be:
60%-private and public sale;
15%-team and investors;
12%-company limit;
8%-strategic partners;
5%-on the Bounty program.

VERTEX  As we can see, the problems that the Vertex project team is trying to solve really exist. The platform offers the first sales service for ICO, which will provide investors with advantageous conditions for profit and attraction of additional resources to crypto markets by raising capital through their ICO verification mechanisms. Given that the project is quite strong investors can draw a conclusion about the seriousness and scale of startup. Vertex will create a financial ecosystem that provides a lucrative and costly investment market in cryptocurrency. I think many investors will be interested in this platform.

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