Verif -Y , Make it Easy for you to Create and Manage your Identity

Verif-y is a pioneer in securely creating and managing users and digital identity. The verif-y platform allows for secure and secure digital identity verification process.
Verif-y invites you to manufacture individually, the digital hub is very secure from your background and can be accessed to your device right away.

Verif-y VISION

Verif-y’s vision is to reduce the risk of mass pll theft while reducing the cost and incidence of global identity theft. Our plans for implementation and adoption everywhere will be supported by collaborating with industry leaders in the development of credential standardization and identity Ideaidea ideas for the crypto world. This product is in great demand by the market. The successful implementation of the ETH token will create a revolution in crypto and the traditional economy.

How Does Verif-y Work?
The Verif-y platform receives uploads of verified credentials from award-winning agencies and places them in the appropriate user warehouse. Users control who can see their verified credentials and determine which parts of the repository will be available.


Then, what is the advantage of verif-y? who will use it?

  • INDIVIDUal  - For candidates who have been verified, their letters have their own advantages over unverified applicants.
  • Entrepreneurs  - traditional verification services are so slow, takes up to a week even in a month just to determine the outcome. But not with Verif-y, with verif-y we get accurate and timely results.
  • KNOWLEDGE SERVICE PROVIDERS  - Colleagues and universities may exceed the limits by diplomas, copies and submission of registration requests.
  • GOVERNMENT  - The government provides the ability to accurately and quickly in terms of the credentials of prospective workers and contractors with a cost effective.
  • ORGANIZATION MEMBERSHIP  - Members may verify their membership at the time of attending the event, while interacting with other members, and authorizing its membership to a third party concerned.
  • LICENSE PROVIDERS  - Licensee allows to certify their licenses as soon as possible and acts that reside on third parties like employers, health care and organizational regulators.

The Verif-y identity solution demonstrates the fact that a strong and reliable digital identity is required to continue the expansion of the global digital economy and the fundamental building blocks of a rapidly growing blockchain economy. To meet the rapidly growing demand for identification, Verif-y expands the development of a blockchain-based digital identity layer solution from a commercially available platform of credential and employment verification. The Verif-y service enhances the protection of Personal Identification Information (“PII”), which in today’s world determines our identity.

Why Use Verif-y?
Verif-y gives individuals a competitive advantage in the job market, as users can provide their independently verified credentials and job histories directly to the applicant’s credentials, instantly and securely.

 Details Of Crowdsale

Pre-Sale commenced on September 14, 2017Crowdsale begins on October 5, 2017

  • Name: VERIF-Y
  • Symbol: VFY
  • Token Price: 1 VFY = 0.0003 $
  • Support Token:  ERC20
  • Total Suplay : 3,000,000,000 VFY
  • Maximum Target of Token Sales: 1,000,000,000 VFY


40% token will be available for
25% ICO token funding used for marketing, adoption and promotion
35% token will be saved and in use in the future. >>
from the percentage of tokens in use in the future (35%) will be divided into 3 parts.
– 20% will be available today
– 40% will be locked for 12 months
– 40% will be locked for 24 months


Pre-sales information and CROWDAL

  • Pre-sale starts on 14 September 2017
  • Crowdsale began on October 5, 2017Bonus for early investors: 20% to 30% depending on the total investment
  • Total supply: 3 billion VFY
  • The maximum token sold through pre-sale and crowdsale: 1 billion VFY


  1. Ed Zabar founder and CEO
  2. Bill Crean Product Director
  3. Colleen Connors Director Of Operations System
  4. John Chaisson‘s Director Of Business Development
  5. Chad Peiper. Phd Sr. Solution Architect
  6. General Counsel Tammy Fudem

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My Ethereum Address: 0xD25856D7408b6b4C6918165424ac9A5B75Ac26fE