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Vecap – Every day we use a huge number of things that are increasingly entering the new ranks of internet things, that is, has a built-in IoT sensor. It can be anything: coffee machine, TV, audio system, and any other electrical devices that can remotely perform any action. There are people whose house is fully equipped with similar devices and as a rule they collectively called-the system of the smart home. Someone perceives this know-how is not serious, and someone does not represent his life without it.

Every time we hear from media sources how convenient, practical and simplifies our lives, and also saves our time, do we think at the moment how safe it is? As it turned out, in pursuit of profit, the developers of IoT sensors missed one small detail, as the safety of the sensors themselves and the network formed by them.

This vulnerability has become an excellent ground for profit, such harmful and unpleasant people as hackers. It was they who hacked the poorly protected network of IoT sensors of one of the founders of today’s project and stole personal data without his knowledge. After the incident, this man asked himself the main question: “And how many more victims like himself?” As it turned out, there are many of them and no one can help them protect their devices. Moreover, with the growth and popularization of the IoT technology users are becoming more and more potential victims of scams too.

Therefore, in order not to bring the situation to a critical point, the team of specialists began to actively seek solutions, considering all the existing technologies and methods that allow people to protect their IoT sensors. So the project was born – Vecap.

About the project
Vecap – is a combination of modern technologies such as blockchain and smart-contracts. Vecap This consensus is capable of ensuring the security of all your IoT devices, which means ensuring your security. Vecap developers believe that the security and privacy of human data are paramount, so they have created a unique platform in every sense that can ensure the security of all your data, as well as Security of IoT devices.

Project Features
At first glance, it may seem that the guys of this project could think of such an original, and how they differ from a number of other blockchain projects. But believe the principle of work they are different. After all, Vecap is inherently one of the few projects that came to the aid of people, ready to solve the existing problems. And in order to understand the essence of this system, I suggest considering a small example.

Let’s say you have a house with a system “smart home ” where all the internet things are connected to your tablet or smartphone. Each device on your network works autonomously, but is still in the shared list, just like everyone else. If you do not use any additional security system, the hacker hacking your access code gets the opportunity to use all your devices against you, moreover, steal your personal data and do any other dirty.

But if your Internet stuff is connected using smart contracts to a single decentralized network vecap, then the hacker will not have the opportunity to hack any of your devices. Because the Vecap platform records absolutely all the data about the devices, and also monitors their security and invari integrity. It is almost impossible to hack Vecap, as the hacker will need to hack almost 51% of the entire chain block in order to gain control of a particular device.

ICO Details
Vecap As you have already understood at any decentralized network there is a system of transactions and a way of payment of those or other services. Vecap will also use its internal token to perform all of its internal operations. For this purpose, the developers intend to release 1 billion coins. All in all, the founder’s team to launch and further develop their platform intend to assemble the Hard Cap in the amount of 72 million US dollar.
The distribution of tokens is as follows:

Vecap In conclusion of my review of this project, I would like to say the following. I believe that the idea and concept of vecap are understandable and does not represent any additional difficulties in its use and application in its life. Moreover, its presence there where there are IoT sensors is very important, because its main purpose is to protect any Internet device and your personal data associated with them. And due to the progressive growth in this industry, such tools are very much needed, so Vecap has every chance to become the number one in its segment.

For those who want to further learn all the necessary information on this project, I suggest to familiarize you with both official sources of Vecap, and with its technical documentation. All the links you will find under the text of this article, good luck!

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