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Vecap  There is thousands of products that have a sensor (Internet Of Things) in our lives and this increase is being offered to us every day with a new product built into it. What are these? In short, everything is the simplest in our lives; We can think of everything that is electrically possible, such as a television, a music player, a coffee machine, a sound system, or lighting systems. These types of sensors are equipped with the names of the smart home system nowadays. This system makes such a thought in some people that he thinks he can’t live without him. Here I will give you information about the project that has a practical idea in this direction today.
What are the problems and how will it be resolved?
Have you thought about it? We are confident that things that come in handy and practical are easy for us, rather than protecting the time. According to research, developers of the IoT (Internet Of Things) sensors have missed the security of the sensors and the vulnerability of the networks they created.
This detail is of course not overlooked by hackers, and because of this vulnerability, it is the basis for fraud. Hacking of the IoT (Internet of Things) sensor network means simplification of the operation of any personal data. A team that specializes in sensor safety is aware of this important deficit and has uncovered a project to solve it. In this way, the project called Vecap was unearthed. They want to be pioneering by protecting all existing technologies and people in this matter.

What is the project targeting?
The VECAP project can be considered a combination of the formation of modern technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts. With the results that are to be taken at this project target, all of your ISP (Internet Of Things) devices can be secured to a maximum degree of security. The project team believes that the security and confidentiality of human data are above all else. For this reason, they created their own characteristics in every sense of the platform of devices that could secure all data as well as the security of the Internet of Things.
The working principle of the Vecap  project team will be different than usual. You can think of the VECAP project as follows; It’s just one of the few projects that come to help people who are ready to solve their problems inherent in the source of the problem. In order to understand the essence of this system, I will present you with a small example.
Let’s say you have a home with a system called a smart home, as I mentioned earlier, depending on your smartphone or smart tablet of all internet business. Let’s say that each device on your network is running independently of each other, but still exists on the share list, like everyone else. If you do not use any additional security system, a hacker who can access your accessing code will be able to use all your devices against you to steal your personal data and perform any other dirty tricks.
However, if your Internet connection is connected to a single central network and cap with the help of a smart contract, the hacker will not be able to hack any of your devices. The reason for this is that the Vecap platform records absolutely all data about devices and monitors security and varieties. That’s because it’s almost impossible to cut vecap. Because a hacker will need to cut the entire block chain by almost 51% to gain control of a particular device. That’s why Vecap once again suggests that the system is able to provide us with secret security because it doesn’t matter whether the Iotone (Internet of Things) is made from sensor manufacturers. Isn’t that great?
You can view the video below, which you can watch as a brief presentation about the project and its system.
What are the sales and details of the seller?
Any centralized network has its own trading system and payment method for certain services within it. The Vecap will use the token on behalf of VC to perform all internal operations. To do this, the project team planned to release 1 billion pieces of tots. One VC price is set at $0.12.
The target of Softcap is set at 24 million dollars,
The target of Hardcap is 72 million dollars.
The distribution of tokens and funds is as follows;
Vecap  I believe that the idea of Vecap project will be an important place in the use and implementation of your current life. The main purpose of the project is to protect any Internet device and its associated personal data in a fully authoritative manner. Considering the growth in this sector, VECAP will not be surprised to have a leading position in this field.
I would love for you to investigate this project yourself. So I added the official sources I thought would be helpful to you at the beginning of my post. All you have to do is click on the headlines. From here you can have unlimited access to all the resources you want and have detailed information.

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