VANTA is a decentralized and non-permitting network that provides a secure and private connection in real time. The ARKAS protocol, a revolutionary decentralized P2P network protocol, establishes transparent routing channels between nodes. KANUS Chain uses Proof of Networking, a radical consensus algorithm that includes intelligent, self-acting nodes with a random function (VRF) to test and pbft to achieve efficiency and reduce costs.

VANTA strives to create an intelligent real-time network that enables individuals and businesses to quickly develop services that can effectively transmit and process data in real time, as well as Commercialise services at a low price without additional infrastructure. As a result, creative services will be provided and integrated into the VANTA ecosystem, and the VANTA blockchain will become a practical blockchain, which would make a significant contribution to improving the daily lives of people and businesses.

The team is cohesive and combines significant experience in companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Samsung, IBM Korea, and Voiceloco, the latter also provides significant support and assistance. The team is going to use its network, and VANTA will work with Microsoft Korea to add the ability to connect VANTA to Microsoft commands, and this will allow enterprises using Microsoft commands to easily connect incoming/outgoing calls Through a decentralized network of VANTA. In addition, after the launch of the ARKAS protocol, VANTA will promote and sell services such as UCaaS, as well as voice and video APIs, to customers around the world by joining the Oracle Partner Network.

VANTA-A very interesting project, which has several use cases that I personally would have tried on startups, such as streaming video/games and decentralized Skype-like Dapp. During my studies, they helped and answered my questions transparently.

This Korean project is a plus because we all know how Korean projects tend to generate revenue for their investors. Even during this long bearish market, Korean projects are linking each other again and again, providing a good ROI for their investors (at least in the short term).

They have already established partnerships with two Korean exchanges Allbit (Upbit subsidiary) and Cashierest, so the listing should be fast after the sale of their tokens and sufficient liquidity available to investors. In addition, they were successfully sold out at an early stage, and a total of 1 299 983 670 GNI was sold in the amount of about 1.2 million. US Dollars. This was only available to Korean citizens and shows that VANTA has very good awareness in Korea.

I think that their team and consultants are very capable and have the necessary experience to fulfill their promises (provided they remain loyal to their investors and are not distracted by the money collected, as many projects do).
They have a good partner relationship (Microsoft, Oracle) that should help them in raising awareness and attracting customers.

The main advantages of Vanta???
VANTA strives to become the world’s first decentralized network that provides fast and inexpensive development and operation of scalable services that provide infinite connectivity.

In VANTA, participating nodes will compete to contribute to the connection, transmission, and processing of data on the network in real time, which will provide an inexpensive and highly affordable intellectual network. By combining this competitive system with verifiable randomness, VANTA will use a consistent algorithm that increases scalability and efficiency.

Vanta token:
All will be released 56.2 billion Vanta tokens.
The abbreviated name of the Vanta token (VNT).
Platform Vanta-Ethereum (ERC20).
Price: 1 VNT = 0.00088 USD.
Hard Cap (maximum plan to collect)-15 million USD.
Allocated for sale 35% of Vanta tokens.
Country: Hong Kong.
Buy Vanta tokens on PRE-ICO as well as ICO using ETH, BTC.

VANTA is a decentralized and non-authorized network that provides a secure and private connection in real time. VANTA strives to create an intelligent network for real-time operations that allows individuals and companies to quickly develop services. VANTA strives to become the world’s first decentralized network that provides fast and inexpensive development and operation of scalable services.


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