VANM – Viral Advertising Network Mining

VANM – The virtual currency world has really changed the investment attitude in the early stages of the project. Recently, financing of developing projects is connected with the implementation of a number of processes and audits. But today, most start-ups are collecting a large number of investors, only by publishing documentation that describes the principles of work and plans for the future.

Of course, such fundraising strategies are most advantageous for startups, but significantly increase the level of risk for investors. Because of a non-regulated token management environment, people who have invested in project development will not be able to return them if there is inadequate management of the funds. In addition, investors will not be able to influence the changes in the business strategy.

It is important to note that modern fundraising for further development is a challenge for the project itself for the following reasons:
 First: Not all countries can participate in digital currencies, which makes them look for investors only in their own countries.
 Second: The platform sets the Commission to 20 percent of the total cost.
 Thirdly, the low level of trust is associated with a large number of unsuccessful projects.
 Fourth: Lack of funds to create quality advertising projects and attract investors.
Finally, to overcome this problem and eliminate the risks associated with investing in ICO, a unique platform called VANM will be created.
Vanm is a unique search engine for products and services that compares local advertising requests and offers with the closest users on the Internet. The VANM advertising platform is a mobile application that enhances such aspects as Feedback, which focuses on the algorithm of income. This mobile application is free for consumers as illegal or illegal content will be banned on the VANM platform.
VANM is the first distributed system for detecting, launching and analyzing advertising campaigns from celebrities to social networks based on blockchain technology. VANM conducts marketing activities between brands and blogs to reduce costs for all stakeholders.
VANM creates a healthy system in which celebrities can easily access the tools to create high-quality content, and advertisers have access to a large amount of information. It is more relevant and effective to involve consumers in access to quality content that they want.

The purpose of this project:
The goal of VANM is to create a simple and intuitive interface for transactions in a digital currency that does not require a deep and fundamental understanding of blockchain technology.
VANM tokens will be used to facilitate the purchase of advertising contracts in applications or direct trade in goods and services with companies that will use the VANM platform. The VANM team intends to reduce as many transaction delays as possible. The company’s revenue will be generated through the purchase of advertising contracts in the application. Fiat money can be saved on the VANM platform and exchanged for tokens without additional fees and charges. The received VANM tokens can be used to purchase advertising contracts. The sale of tokens during ICO will be done through smart contracts that cannot be changed for the Ethereum blockchain. The collected funds will be used to ensure the liquidity of the Vanm company and will be invested exclusively in the development of the company’s production system.
The company will sell tokens openly in two stages:

 Pre-sale begins at 00:00 UTC on November 17, 2018, and ends at 00:00 UTC on December 31, 2018, or when all VANM tokens allocated for pre-sale are sold 24 000 000, whichever is earlier, tokens, That were not sold at the time of sale will be moved to the main ICO.
 Crowdsale will start at 00:00 UTC on January 1, 2019, and end at 19:00 UTC on May 1, 2019, or when all 144 million VANM tokens are sold, whichever comes first. Tokens that are not sold during the Crowdsale period remain the property of the company.

Token details
Symbol: VANM
Pre ico Price: 1 vanm = 0.00038 ETH
Price per ICO: 1 vanm = 0.0005 ETH
Platform: ETHEREUM
Rigid cover: 64350 ETH

Advertisers will be able to place effective local advertising at reasonable prices. By receiving VANM tokens as a payment tool, vendors can gain a competitive edge and download more content. Artists on social networks will be able to use their talents and create communities while creating advertisements for local suppliers. Advertisers, in turn, benefit from a community of artists and associated higher coverage.

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