UTEMIS How Decentralization Empowers Businesses in Latin America

UTEMIS do something that has never been done before with the level playing field of the economy of some countries that Latin America is very heterogeneous in a way that creates a new integrated economic space in which all play by the rules the same. The first e-commerce business reputation in Blockchain decentralize and unificates Latin America into one single economic space. Something happens, you get 100% of your money back. With decentralize business reputation that everyone sees and expose them on new business opportunities, we can finally give millions of people a reasonable chance they get.

How Decentralized Empowering business in Latin America
With UTEMIS all business Latin America has the same chance to thrive rather than owned by the Chinese people. This is the power of decentralized economy.
With Blockchain business reputation decentralize Ethereal, smart contracts automatically calculates your behaviour on any transaction, speed up trade for millions of small and medium enterprises in Latin America.
Chinese e-commerce giant to use escrow accounts that protect the buyer. Escrow account UTEMIS works exactly the same way, your money is always protected and if something happens, you will get 100% of your money back.
Banking transactions in Latin America are very expensive, takes a few days, and it is very bureaucratic, with direct pay UTEMIS business, saving 99% transaction fee, no banks involved and you make money for you.

What if Latin America can start new companies without regard to their past? New opportunities to develop and thrive like never before. We believe that if the small and medium enterprises in Latin America, for the first time, the opportunity to create their future, they will create economic zone the most economic, resilient, efficient and fair in the world.
Crypto UTEMIS Disorder changed the entire continent of Latin America into one single economic space.
Doing business in the entire continent of Latin America as if it were one country, find new clients and suppliers and evaluate with their reputation.
Save 99% the cost of the transaction and payment, there is no bureaucracy or waste time and instant payment.
Just as the Chinese e-commerce giant, your purchase 100% protected with escrow account UTEMIS, in case something, you will get 100% of your money back.
Trust and reputation are the fuel that drives business growth. With decentralize their reputation in the Ethereal Blockchain, honest business will flourish, and things that will not be excluded from the system. And for the first time 100% these results depend on them.

UTEMIS uses the latest technology to give everyone a fresh start. New opportunities to do something correctly. On the UTEMIS everyone has a clean slate-you write your future at Blockchain. No matter what you did in the past, or where it came from. You can now do business without corruption, save costs, eliminate fraud and avoid the red tape and bureaucracy while buying and selling goods in Latin America (also in the US and Canada). You will only pay if you are 100% satisfied with the goods. And your money will always be protected.
Blockchain is a basic technology that allows the system to operate, is a database technology that makes the book note distributed which can be audited are recorded digitally in between network users. When used with the crypto cardiac, notes Blockchain only can be updated based on the consensus of the majority of the participants in the network, and once inside, the entry cannot be deleted. That means to be trusted, you are the only one who writes your reputation in the Blockchain UTEMIS.
A platform for doing business that are easy to use and secure. Where you can easily verify your prospective customers and the reputation of the supplier and in which all are public and at Blockchain that can be trusted. There are no hidden costs or surprises. No bank charges, there is no exchange of currency, no payment, no delay. Payment is made at once – and you can immediately withdraw your payment.

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