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USAT INC Friends, today I want to present to your attention a new project of 2018 from company USAT Inc., which is a farm of solar wind. Sounds very futuristic, doesn’t it? But in that and the whole thing, that the ideas of the future, thanks to the technology blockchain, becomes real to life already today.
USAT INC. is a non-profit association registered in Queensland, Australia. The company connects the inventors of new technologies with the financial world through blockchain technology. All the work of this platform and the process of creating a token USAT INC. will be organized with the help of intellectual contracts, working on Ethereum technology.
One of the key partners of USAT INC. is the Australian Institute of High Energy (Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials), which cooperates with leading scientific organizations, renowned scientists, engineers around World and is, in fact, the brains of the USAT Inc. all offers from Aihem are carefully studied by scientific and business Advisors of USAT Inc. and to develop breakthrough innovative products are selected the best.
Technology USAT INC. is based on two patents. The essence of their idea is that the spent heat from computers, various electronic devices, and other resources can be restored to electricity on solar-wind farms. This can be especially useful in cases of high power consumption, for example, in industrial plants or farms. This technology is cost-effective

Due to the lack of fuel component in the volume of produced electricity, as well as low costs for production, installation, and maintenance. Solar-wind farm is able to generate electricity on cloudy days, at night from the heat stored in the ground; The object does not emit carbon dioxide. Solar-wind farms can be used in quarries, deserts, closed mines and landfills. By-Product of the farm-water condensate-can is used for agricultural purposes and irrigation lawns. Thanks to this latest technology, the cost of electricity for consumers will be lower many times. The main advantage for the company’s clients will be their complete independence from external electricity suppliers.

USAT INC. Has an intellectual property (IP) store that has various assets in the form of patents and trade secrets. The site helps inventors to patent innovative products, then acquires patents and commercial secrets and adds them to the IP repository. The USAT token holder is the co-owner of all present and future patents and commercial secrets stored in the USAT Inc. IP storage.

Start: April 15, 2018 ending: June 14, 2018 Duration: 2 months
Delivery: 381 250 000 USAT tokens
Receipt: 53 375 000 US dollars at an average price of 0.14 US dollar on air.
The exchange rate will start with the Mark $0.08 in “Ether on USAT-token” and end with a mark of 0.20 US dollar in “ether on USAT-Token”

Token distribution :
All available 1,525 billion USAT tokens will be released during the distribution period. This will be a one-time operation, and no additional issue will be issued for USAT tokens.
50% of USAT tokens will be allocated to public participants
35% of USAT tokens will be distributed to the Reserve Association, which will be distributed at the discretion of USAT INC.

15% of USAT tokens will be allocated for private appropriations.
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Use of funds:

The total amount of funds expected to accumulate during the distribution period is planned to be distributed as follows:
67.00% will go to product development
7.69% on operations
5.31% on marketing
20.00% Team

The technology of USAT INC. is more effective than any other renewable energy technology existing in our time; It can significantly reduce the cost of electricity. The first facility for this technology is currently being built near Brisbane, Australia. It is obvious that investors believe in it and see it as a successful capital investment. I think the future is behind such projects. The project is very promising, I invite everyone to support it and wish the team good luck.


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