Uris – Cryptofunding For Entrepreneurs

Uris – In recent years, most investors have sought to multiply their capital by investing their own funds in various projects and ICO. At the same time, most of them lose their own contributions, as less than 30 percent of developing projects achieve the goal of collecting the necessary amount to start development. The reasons for this phenomenon are several:
 Low level of security, allowing hackers to kidnap not only the funds, beginning projects, but also a lot of technical information;
 The absence of a secondary market allowing investors to sell their own shares, which makes the majority of projects unattractive in terms of investment;
 Frequent fraud cases involving the theft of funds by a member of the team;
 Restrictions in the form of normative legal acts, allowing to launch projects only for citizens of certain countries;
 A large amount of commission when investing, which can reach 8%;
 Lack of demand for a particular product.
To solve all the above problems, to ensure the security of investors ‘ funds, as well as to guarantee the subsequent development of prospective projects will allow the new crowdfunding platform Uris, created on the basis of Blockchain technology.

Purpose of the project
The main goal of the creators of the Uris platform is to develop a transparent international ecosystem that allows prospective projects to have easier access to development funds and investors a reliable way to invest.

Working principle
Within the platform for fundraising Uris will operate several sites:
 Uris Crowdfunding Platform;
 Uris Freelance Platform;
 Uris Exchange Platform.
The first platform will allow developers of various projects to collect funds for further development and implementation of their own ideas. The Uris Crowdfunding Platform will provide a flexible form of investment with additional functionality. Within this platform, developers will be able to offer not only an idea, Uris but also tangible goods such as various T-shirts, caps, posters and other promotional products. The full set of Uris Crowdfunding Platform features will be announced after the launch of the site.

The second platform will be a kind of freelance exchange, where each team of developers will be able to hire for the work of qualified Web developers, programmers, and even ask for help to marketing agencies. In addition, more experienced project creators will be able to offer training and theoretical knowledge to the Uris Freelance Platform.
Uris Exchange site will offer the platform participants a number of functions inherent in all modern cryptocurrency exchangers. It should be noted that the platform will support the option of cross-platform interaction, giving investors the opportunity to access the tokens of absolutely any ICO hosted in Uris.
Uris Exchange Services will be used by:
 Entrepreneurs;
 Professional investment managers;
 Independent investors;
 Project proponents.
It is important to note that only those projects that will be able to offer a clear plan of further actions and financial expenses, as well as a report on the success in one or another area, would be presented to ensure the security of investors ‘ funds on the platform.

The only currency that can be used to invest in projects within the Uris site will be the URI tokens. These coins can also be used for:
 Trade on cryptocurrency exchanges;
 Investments in venture funds;
 Investments in Uris funds;
 Payment of services.
You will be able to purchase coins during the ICO period.

Dates and details of ICO
The creators of Uris intend to sell 105 million coins at a price of 0.2 dollars per URI. Public sales will be carried out in the period from the 1st of November of the current year to the 31st of the January 2019 year.
Softcap Project – 20000 ETH, Hardcap – 40000 ETH.

Uris Developing an ecosystem for reliable investment and providing assistance in developing really promising projects can be of interest to a huge audience. It should be noted that Uris already has an MVP, which guarantees the launch of the platform.
That is why investing in its development can be profitable and reliable.

Website : https://ico.uris.io
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