UMC The Marketing Revolution in Messengers Has Begun

Umccoin – ( Universal Marketing Company  )Today it is difficult to imagine our life without mobile means of communication, and especially without messengers. It’s fast, convenient, and affordable. Therefore, the audience of people using applications of this nature is growing every year. For example, the number of users of Telegram since 2014 increased from 25 million. Up to 150 mln. And for 2021 it is predicted that users of this messenger will be about 675 million. In this situation, the huge interest of marketers in communication mobile applications looks absolutely obvious, as there is another platform for advertising campaigns for a sufficiently large audience. Moreover, the emotional reaction to such advertising is higher than on TV advertising. But as practice shows, implementation of marketing processes through instant messengers, today also has its difficulties, because it requires a lot of money and time. To change the situation, according to the developers of the UMC project, it is possible using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

About the project
Universal Marketing Company (UMC)-a platform for creation and management of paid content and smart advertising in messengers, tools, and capabilities of which are aimed at optimizing and reducing spent resources and time for administration and Promotion of this content. The implementation of the platform functions will be carried out with the help of artificial intelligence, using the blockchain technology. Developers targeted on an integration of SMM (Social Media Marketing) tools in marketing campaigns in messengers, and to solve the problem of monetization for users of such applications.

UMC platform allows simplifying many tasks for advertisers. For example, to reduce the time and budget for communication between the channel owner and The Advertiser, a single entry point for all will be created. For advertisers will be available statistical information about the existing channels in specific messengers (general information about the channels will be placed by their owners), and with the help of available tools, they will be able to choose from different parameters Channels necessary for their advertising. After that, the application for advertising (it is possible to create the text, or to use a template), and after its creation, on the basis of the smart contract, the agreement on placing of advertising between the Advertiser and the owner of the channel is confirmed. Advertising can be placed on one channel, and on several. Very convenient, that will be provided with statistics on the performance of advertising posts, namely number of transitions, subscriptions, reposts, etc.

A few words to say about the role of AI in the functioning of this platform. With the help of neural networks, which can accumulate information about previous advertising campaigns, the necessary algorithms will be created. Using them, depending on some indicators (campaign budget, number of users to be attracted, channel themes, etc.) AI will create a portfolio of advertising placement, which The advertiser can correct manually, or Launch ads with the click of a button according to the terms of this portfolio.

Perhaps the question arises, why is it necessary to blockchain here? But using this technology can solve a lot of problems. Namely, non-compliance with the terms of the contract between The Advertiser and the owner of the channel (through the use of smart contracts), as well as the problem of cross-border payments by different currencies, as the payment will take place in the platform tokens. Therefore blockchain makes all processes fast and transparent.

Another very interesting feature of the platform will be a built-in purse, on which you can store cryptocurrency, as well as a built-in exchange, with which users can buy internal tokens for Fiat funds, and for another Cryptocurrency.

Selling tokens
Private sale-January-June, 2018
Pre-sale-July 2018
Token-Sale-August, 2018
Token Price-$0.1019

The minimum amount of fees is 6 255 241 $
The maximum amount of fees is 22 550 000 $
Created tokens-500 000 000 UMCC

Token distribution:
64%-For sale
2%-Bounty and airdrop
10%-reserve the use of tokens

The UMCC token (created on Blokchejne ethereum) will be the only internal means of payment on the UMC platform. These tokens can be purchased at all stages of the ICO, on the exchanges after listing them or at the internal exchange. The platform will seize the percentage of all transactions, and at the end of each quarter, 100% of net profit will be directed for the redemption of UMCC tokens at the market price on the foreign exchanges. Redeemed tokens will be burned and it is planned that their price, with emission reduction, will increase.

To accept or not to take part in a token sale everyone should decide independently. The project really has a perspective, in the conditions of growing popularity of messengers among users all over the world. Obviously, there will also be an increase in the number of advertising campaigns in these types of applications. Developers do not offer something supernatural, but they offer a simple and convenient tool to optimize and simplify the advertising process from creating the advertising itself, and before analyzing its impact, which will reduce advertisers Time and resources spent. Therefore, the UMC platform will definitely have its own user.


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