UHIVE A New Era of Social Networking

UHIVE With the increase in popularity, this year is projected to exceed more than 6.2 billion. Users. Complete with moving mobile processors and, most importantly, the ever-growing active population in the world, it is easy to see that we have a growing potential. Uhive intends to challenge the status quo with the growing potential that contributes to its development. Visit the official website

What is the Uhive mission?
Striving to turn social networks into a completely different thing, unite physiological and technological opportunities from Blockchain and artificial intelligentsia. Uhive is able to provide a natural but unique and incredibly entertaining experience. The platform for the expansion of individual interactions within groups, societies and dyads is conducted, as seen from its particular course.

Uhive intends to pave the way for the development of the world’s first social platform, equipped with physical dimensions. By pushing yourself to the new edge of social networking, uhive will not only provide users with common interaction options. The platform will not only be equipped with comments or multimedia sharing capabilities, but also a unique opportunity to go through unique but endless spaces.

Unlike many social networks at the moment, uhive does not limit its users to finding relevant words, hashtag or keywords. In order to start the journey and explore the occasional themes and communities, uhive give them flexibility. The platform’s realistic experience not only provides users with sensors of vision for the perception of information. But also for the perception of information through visual representations, including visual effects, depth perception, size and scaling, and more.

Two innovative and unique uhive platforms
The platform offers two different experiences that are equally unique and innovative. Called as the civilized world and the grey world, see The next section is to find out their differences and what they can offer:

Civilized world
This special experience follows the land and all its. The civilized world offers an incredibly civilized network, governed by a set of rules and imposed rules. Identity in this environment is guaranteed to be real, giving users the opportunity to meet other people and communicate with friends and families. On this network in each case, such as social norms, regulators global and politics.

Grey World
Unlike the civilized world, Uhive offers an option for those who want to decentralize structure. A serious world provides an opportunity to be completely anonymous. Whether by location or person. By denying social norms, the grey world also completely ignores external political rules and social norms. Providing infinite spaces for users to be able to live, own identity isolation for privacy purposes.

Platform E is going to introduce uhive Token, a kind of digital currency that is comparable to gold. These uhive tokens are not only portable and shared, but also recognizable and limited in delivery. However, with such a limited supply platform can provide abundant relatives with their circulation and use. Learn more about technical documentation

Being the main trading currency for services and products in both worlds on the platform, users can find more information about their initial offers and sales of coins on https://ico.uhive

Token information
Token name: uhive (HVE)
Protocol: Ethereum Token (ETH)
80 bln. Token Sales Price
Preliminary version: $0.0015
Sales Crowd: $3+
Soft cover: 10 000 000 USD
Hard cover: 54 000 000 USD

Website: https://www.uhive.io
Whitepaper : https://ico.uhive.io/wp-content/uploads/UHIVE_Whitepaper.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/UHIVESocial
Telegram : https://t.me/uhivesocial
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/uhivesocial
Twitter : https://twitter.com/UHIVEsocial

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