SCAM ICO – UCHIT The Hub of Communication and Collaboration based on Blockchain Technology.


UCHIT The modern world needs a quick and easy interaction between people. People need a platform that would gather on their board people by different interests and abilities. Where people could unite in large groups and work on serious projects. Where you could use shared cloud storage and what they would be most secure from intruders. Confidentiality, this is the main thing users of the network want in a rapidly developing world. Information in our age is more expensive than gold. On this market, there is a new, modern startup-Uchit, which will unite in its social network a lot of purposeful people who need a confidential, decentralized P2P platform on the blockchain.

It is no secret that privacy on the Internet, today is one of the main factors for interaction between people. If your personal data is viewed by the 3rd party, be it the state or the intruders. That they can do anything with that information that got. Agree, no one would want his personal correspondence read. And even more so if you are sending important personal files, you would be very upset if you found out that someone looked at them except you and the person you sent them to. By this company, Uchit creates a platform on which your personal data will be securely protected.

As well as for more convenience, the platform makes its own token, with the help of which people will be able to make settlements on the platform with each other. will be able to pay for the work of people who are hired in their projects, can have access to the full functionality of the platform, just being token holders.

In essence, the company Uchit is a platform which will allow people to communicate among themselves, exchanging files, messages, conducting mutual settlements on means of the token and all it directly from the person to the person, without any centralized Intervention. Decentralization and P2P system completely solve the issue of excluding 3 parties in your personal correspondence and interactions between people.

Uchit will also be suitable for both ordinary users and corporate and larger organizations to jointly solve tasks in their projects and add a social component between employees. By means of API you can implement Uchit in any development environment which wins API. The platform works on the Jefiriuma network, so all transactions are protected by the smart contracts system.

Platform Uchit will serve for personal confidential communication between friends and relatives, as it will be useful for large communities of cooperation between programmers, musicians and other creative and ambitious people. The financial sphere will not be left unheeded, the platform would be a good solution for the communication of financiers, investors, startups, freelancers and other segments of the population who have already linked their lives to the Internet.

Platform functionality will include familiar text chat, voice messages, video messaging, group video chats, webinars, file sharing. Also on the platform is an online environment for programmers, a trading platform where you can find people in their team to create or maintain their projects. As well as on the site will be exposed ready solutions and templates that will help in the modernization and startup of your startups.

After registration in Uchit, all participants of the platform will be able to use the functionality.

1. Find new employees in your project.
2. You can confidentially communicate with each other and share files.
3. You will have access to the shared folders of the projects you are participating in.
4. Open functional programming and editing in the online mode.
5. The functions of conducting webinars, as well as the joint screen are open.

And this is only a small set of all the functions of the project. Due to the fact that the platform is decentralized and works on the principle of P2P people directly interact with each other, the nodes of the network interact without the central servers, and that eliminates the intervention of 3 parties.

To share files you will need a Ucht token. The token can be obtained for active use of the Uchit platform, as well as to buy on external exchanges. The token can be sold and withdrawn to Real Madrid as any other token in the cryptocurrency world.

ICO Company.
Beginning: April 1, 2018
End: May 31, 2018
Token name: Ucht
Price: 1 Token ucht = $0.19
Soft CAP: 5 million million USD
Hard CAP: 50 million million USD

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