Transcodium Provide The First Peer to Peer Decentralized File Editing

TRANSCODIUM aims to provide a media-based blockchain the first peer to peer at the forefront and decentralized to transcribe , editing and distribution of high quality platform with the computing power and reliable with a very affordable price. This will create a global market for users, willing to rent out their idle machines to be used as a tool to work (the miners). Then, at the end of the process, workers transkode (processor) will be awarded with a token that can be exchanged for TNS with any currency or can be sold to customers (founders) who need this token for use on our platform.

Transcodium started as Medianap in the year 2015 with visual cloud transcoding platform and media editing, but backed out of the business because of the high cost of cloud server, we could not compete with the existing platform and should move on to other business, In the year 2016, our team decided to see an opportunity again but this time using technology blockchain and decentralized. Unlike the previous platform, network Transcodium will be completely autonomous without human intervention.

Transcoding is the process of converting from one file format to another format and kompatibelSebelum your favorite social media platform or streaming sites such as Youtube or Netflix to make videos available to you, they will convert This video into multiple formats to support a variety of devices such as Smartphones, laptops and computers, TV and more, since each has different capabilities. Some videos may fail played through a slow internet connection, the type of the video also needs to be converted into a lighter format so that the streaming so smoothly.

With transcoding platform currently, problems and limitations that can be identified, namely:

Cloud transcoding platform too costly and burdensome starup, who need their services. Companies have to spend more than half their income just to process this media file, it’s certainly depressing.
Processing time is very long because of the limitations of the hardware. Cloud transcoding platform has a limit on the hardware, therefore, all the files should be queued for processing, until the time it is processed, leading to frustrated customers due to waiting for processing.
Because of platforms, server outages or downtime can cause failure of the whole process of transkoding it would be a waste of time, money and resources.
Most platforms only on the limited format transcoding media files, making it very difficult to convert other formats such as images and documents.

The following are the solutions offered to the problem above:

Blockchain technology and decentralization become a cheaper alternative and reliable for transcoding cloud.
Due to the unlimited processing power, because the role of the worker, the file will be ditranskode in a very fast speed, eliminate long queues and waiting time.
The request will be processed by many transcoding node and workers, so that one node outages or the workers will have no effect on the process, make it more efficient and save time.
Transcoding is not limited to audio and video, but also other file formats such as images and documents.

The utilization of smart contracts will allow transparency in the network, important information such as the duration of the file, the number of initiated and the amount paid to the workers will all be there in the ledger (ledger). Customers and employees can check how much it cost or paid for specific tasks in the network.

PROOF OF OWNERSHIP To achieve a consensus that better decentralized, network Transcodium using this type of algorithm is proof of ownership where workers are selected randomly based on the portfolio and the age of their accounts. This helps in selecting the workers with the processing power of a quality so as to save time and money.

Proof of conversion between the central node and workers declared that, a worker must complete its work within the allotted time, during processing the data, sending workers to the development of the masternode, workers must complete process data before the deadline on the task will be canceled or inactive and will give paid to other workers preparing to take over.

The time limit is set based on the level of the transkoding activity and the size of the data being processed. The contracts pay the workers after mentranskode and send a file. The job is considered completed after the file is uploaded and verified by the central node. Conversion will be supported by smart contracts. Evidence of the conversion along with evidence of stock to make regulation of TNS are responsible for making a random selection against workers and balancing between the initiator and the processor.

Transcodium Token
The role of the Token-processing power Is used for file conversion
Symbol: TNS
Blockchain: Ethereum
The Standard Token: ERC20
For sale: 86.4 million TOTAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS
Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC
Pre Sale period: 07/01/2018 00:00 28/02/2018 00:00 up UTC UTC
The minimum goal: $500,000 USD
Goal: maximum $30 million USD

Pricing Info
1 TNS = $0.376 USD
1 the BTC = 38467.28723404 TNS
1 ETH = 1963.52393617 TNS
1 LTC = 636.49734043 TNS

Presale begins on January 7, 2018 and ending on February 28, 2018.
During this period of early investors will be given a discount of 30% for the first 5,710,000 tokens that will be sold. Each token that is unsold after pre sale will be moved to the main sale of ICO and will have the same bonus requirements with the ICO.
Moreover, all the tokens that have not sold after the main sales ICO will be ordered to help support the company in the long term. Participants or Investors will be returned if not reached softcap ICO. Smart contracts will handle all operations refund participants who contribute using the ethereum, for non ethereum contributors, we’ll send you a refund manually to the address from which we receive. Tokens are reserved for members of the team will be locked until 3 months later the sale of the ICO. In addition, team members will only receive 25% of their token after each interval of 3 months.


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