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TRADE.IO – With many markets including the US market which is always high, it’s easy to forget the year 2008. As well known, in the year 2008, the market is performing well and growing global economic boom, until one moment Lehman Brothers crashed, the financial system froze, and the world’s economy nearly collapsed. The root of the problem rather than just frivolous and lack of transparency, but rather the failure of the financial sector to keep up with innovation.

Now let’s fast-forward to today where the global market back is at the highest point of all time, and everything looks beautiful. However, we should ask ourselves, is the fundamental issue that nearly brought the global marketplace kneeling 9 years ago, something of the past, or whether the bank today is bigger and more opaque than ever, and trading and reporting still less transparent. Like Arthur Levitt, former SEC Chairman noted Forbes magazine a few years ago, there is no treatment of the post-2008 that “significantly reduce the likelihood of financial crises”.

On top of the lack of transparency and seems to ignore the whole ecosystem of investors, banks, advisors, market and record-keepers pulled out a lot of costs of investors and companies. On top of the inefficiencies caused by the high cost and low liquidity, existing trading platforms have no transparency, they do not have a third-party verification and often have conflicts of interest. In short, not much has changed since 2008.

Given the inequality, inefficient and disappointment caused by the lack of change, traders think forward and broker looking for a solution that will be detached and mengomoditaskan current status quo-a revolutionary technology for building a next-generation platform for trading currency. is a Blockchain-based trading platform that will become the latest innovative breakthroughs in financial ecosystem and democratizing the market. This platform uses the platforms of peer-to-peer trading to support the various assets. While Blockchain is a technology that is transparent and the only current technology that can be used for trading in the world’s fair and just financial. Blockchain records the entire transactions carried out by the user, and all transactions are stored in a major journal (great book) that will be stored forever and cannot be manipulated, corrupted or dikorupsi. use Blockchain because there is no point certainly failed because control of the entire network does not rely on a centralized entity, but rely on the entire network.

How will harness the power of blockchain?
TRADE.IO By using the trading platform blockchain trusted and innovative, we will mendemokratisasikan the market and save money for investors and companies, reducing and in some cases, eliminating the cost and inefficiency of incredible traditionally associated with the trading of assets. is the next generation of financial institutions based on blockchain technology, provides security and transparency. By leveraging decades of experience in the investment banking sector, trade & fintech, combined with the strength and transparency of great books distributed, we have created a product that is truly unique that will revolutionize asset trading and investment banking.

As well as trading assets, exchange of support the method of recording assets more efficient and secure crypto in the economy, using a reliable record-keeping ability can only be used by blockchain. This was coupled with the expertise of investment banking and advisory and the certainty that comes with operating in an orderly environment.

In the end, will be the platform for trade and funding more than just assets crypto. It will also offer Forex and CFDS over precious metals, oil, commodities, indices, equity global, just to name a few. Offers more than 120 products when launched, will have the capacity to exchange a number of assets. recognizes the potential of Blockchain to change the global trading system and as a result, have created a quote and a product that not only fill the void in the FinTech great but, most importantly, putting the interests of investors and his clients. the first.

Trade Token & ICO

The platform token sales held for interested investors as the first buyers and helped pioneer the platform. Trade Token is a token based Ethereum ERC20 with TIO. The total supply of this token is 500juta TIO. As many as 275juta TIO will be allocated for sale, 55juta token will be set aside for reserves, 100juta tokens will be used by the teams and developers, 20juta tokens for advisors and vendors and 50juta tokens for liquidity pool. Sales periods are divided into two tokens, i.e. Pre ICO and ICO.

Pre-ICO will be held on November 7, 2017 – November 25, 2017. Total token sold was 200juta TIO. Special price for this period is 1 ETH = 200 TIO. Participation in the period of Pre ICO can be done with the use of fiat money and money crypto. If there are tokens that are not yet sold in the period of pre-ICO, then the token is moved to sale from ICO.
The period of the ICO will be held on November 28, 2017 until December 15, 2017. The number of tokens that sold was 75juta TIO + token is not sold at the pre-ICO and if all tokens sold out (275juta TIO) then the backup will be issued token to sell again i.e. 55juta TIO. And apabla there is still a token that is not sold, then the rest of the token to be destroyed in the period of the first ICO. To buy tokens from ICO, the platform only accept currency ETH course with tiered price match time.



CHIEN LEE-Board Member
MANMOHAN SINGH-Chief Strategy Officer
WILLIAM HEYN-Capital Markets
CHARLES VOLTRON-Chief Technology Officer
LUKE SZKUDLAREK-Chief Marketing Officer
RAVI CONDAMOOR-Chief Data Officer
JOHN VALENTI-VP Institutional Sales
EUGENE VAYNBLAT-Operations Manager
LORI THODDE-Finance Manager
KENDRA HOLMAN-Head Customer Relations
ROY HEN-Product Advisor
JOHN LEWIS-Marketing Advisor


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