Trade Cryptocurrencies With Arbidex

ARBIDEX is the first trading platform that gathers the liquidity of the stock. Currently we have Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, WEX, Kraken and GDAX connected. A user has the opportunity to trade on the Exchange from one account and one window. This system will allow users to exchange their cryptocurrency with the best exchange rate automatically and the total Commission fees will be lower than any amount of current.

One of the main features of this platform is an automatic arbitration. Have you noticed the price of BTC are not the same in each Exchange different? Sometimes the difference in price to 4 – 5%. Arbitration is the process of buying some of the assets in one stock and selling on other exchanges. Plus, if you add 1 – 4 of intermediate assets and get some percentage on every transaction.

Our main goal is to create and develop a platform for professional traders that allows crypto to swap assets from various exchanges. To connect professional tools (like the MT4) that provides high-quality services with a low Commission rate. The main features of this platform is the automation of the arbitration process Strategy interexchange, which allows users of the platform benefit by using the deposit to eliminate non-market efficiency, i.e. the situation of arbitration.

ARBIDEX is a trading platform that collects the assets of crypto and liquidity in one terminal of all currency exchange crypto keys in the world with the ability to search and apply for opportunities of arbitration. This platform is capable of analyzing thousands of crypto-currency pairs and discover the most profitable chains, get up to 2 – 3% of each. This means that each participant platform has the following options:

1. Trading all crypto assets listed in the top 25 of a crypto exchanges
Professional Terminal MT4, with requirements to register and verify course Platform ARBIDEX
2. Work with the arbitration strategy with little technical difficulties and problems. In ARBIDEX it is not more difficult than putting the standards in order to Exchange.

3. Working with fiat input/withdrawal in that jurisdiction. ARBIDEX will be in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction of the presence as much as possible, all necessary permissions and licenses will be accepted and respectable bank checking accounts will be opened for the compliance and reliability law of ARBIDEX interactions is one of business priority.
4. Margin trading, social trading (capability to forecast and strategy, and verify them) and other tools needed by some categories of traders.
5. Savings on the Commission of exchanges. ARBIDEX is designed to reduce costs and increase their revenues. Work on the platform of the Commission will be reduced to 4-fold relative to a standard exchange rate 0.2% on the market.

Arbidex Advantages:
-Arbidex is an Exchange platform which allows the integrator to conduct trade through one interface in a variety of exchanges, including the spread of MT4 and other software for the professional trader.
-Arbidex is an opportunity to get the arbitration strategy realization without risk based on a series of technical solutions that are integrated into the platform.
-Arbdex is an opportunity to buy the assets of the most favorable exchange rate, based on the deployment of some technical algorithms in various stock purchases and uses a chain of transactions.
-Arbidex gives a lower Commission rate for professional traders with high-end service and technical maintenance of operation of the trade.
-Arbidex is an aggregator of liquidity and instruments to reduce volatility of the kriptomarket, which in the long-term will ease the integration of crypto to the community and make the market more easily approachable for institutional investors are more mature.

Token Arbidex
The token used on the platform ARBIDEX ABX. It is a tool access to the platform, as well as internal accounting tool. We envision a platform will be designed for professional traders community. Therefore the members of our community — the owner of a token ABX will receive the functionality of the disempurkan platform that lets them earn extra profits from trading transactions and arbitration, as well as the opportunity to develop joint us. The function of the ABX token is as follows:
-Token ABX is a means to access the premium features of the platform, such as automatic arbitration on large deposits, the lowest Commission rates and a host of other flagship function.
-Token ABX was an internal settlement facilities integrated with the discount for the service ARBIDEX.
_ Token ABX is to participate in the development of the platform.

Detail Tokensale
The following is a sales project token ARBIDEX (awaltoken which offers offers)
Ticker token: ABX. Last date: 11 Dec — 25 December. Crowdsale Date: 11 January — 29 January.

The Distribution Of Tokens:
Each token is equivalent to 1 USD.
The placement of the PribadiTarget cap: $2 million.
Number of tokens: 2.4 million.
Bonus: 20% 21
PreSaleTarget cap: $4 million.
Number of tokens: 4 million.
Bonus: 20%.

The target fee: $10 million.
The number of tokens on sale: 10,000,000. the number of tokens: 10 million.
The amount of funds collected: $10 million.
Any investor can buy token at each stage of presale and TokenSale


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