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- TokenPay platform has been designed to combine the power of the established banking institutions with the flexibility and potential of the future will come from kriptocurrency. This network allows the exchange of the Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major Criptocurrency bridge the gap with the transition to fiat. It also allows unlimited users access to the funds in the merchant's site and Criptocurrency the location of the ATM MACHINE sales throughout the world. Users will have the ability to save your Bitcoin and another in crypto wallet is safe and insured are similar to those possessed by the regular customer at the bank for the account of the fiat. As a result, counterparty risk is naturally minimized by bank licensed and bonded. TPAY token sales funds intended to be used to complete the acquisition of banking. The Bank will operate in a manner that will meet the unique needs and understands the global kriptocurrency holder.

The goal of TokenPay is to give a chance to the client the ability to facilitate the usual crypto against hard asset transactions with ease.
TokenPay is currently in negotiations to form a new bank Charter, acquisition of a bank or bank counterparty was 20 years old, in the jurisdiction of interest and on the basis of privacy. In addition to the benefits of consumers Criptocurrency, TokenPay plans to introduce a series of full merchant service through strong TokenPay banking platform. All the Bills and fees collected will be Domination in a digital token TPAY, that have been tested and developed thoroughly. TPAY is the coin of the ultra-privacy is functionally superior to Bitcoin in many ways. It contains several unique features such as multi-signature, signature rings, dual-key stealth address, proof of ZK (zero-knowledge), along with the encrypted Tor network integration and decentralized. TPAY is the backbone of banking integration fundamental Criptocurrency of TokenPay.

6 Security Key That is Not Owned by TPay Bitcoin
1.Multi Signature Transactions
Standard transactions on the network TokenPay can be called “transaction signature single”, because transfers require only one signature-owner of the private key associated with the address TPAY. However, P2P networks TokenPay supports a much more complicated transactions that require the signatures of some people before funds can be transferred. This is often referred to as the transactions M-of-N. The idea is that coins TPAY being “weighed down” by providing the address of some parties, so as to require the cooperation of the parties.

2.Signature Rings
In cryptography, a ring signature is a type of digital signature that can be performed by members of the Group of users who each have a key. Therefore, a message that is signed with a signature of a person authorized by the ring in certain groups of people. One of the security properties of a ring signature is that the computer should not feasible to determine the key members of the group used to generate the signature.

3.Dual-Key Stealth Addresses
This address is different from the default address commonly used in crypto and allows for better privacy. Stealth address dual-key can be shared publicly by the recipient but the deals that were made to this address cannot be linked back to him. When the address has been stealth revealed to payers, will allow the payee receive payment not collectible is infinite. This means that each payment to the address the address of the new normal count Stealth unused where funds should be accepted, any bug won’t be able to connect both the address.

TPAY combines these features available to make the user experience be private and secure.

4.Zero-Knowledge Proof
In cryptography, a zero-knowledge proof or zero-knowledge Protocol is a method in which one party (of proof) can prove to another party (the verifier) that a given statement is true, without conveying any information apart from the the fact that a statement is true

If it proves the statement requires the knowledge of some of the confidential information of the giver, this definition implies that the verifier will not be able to prove the statement alternately to others, because the giver has no verification of confidential information.

5.Tor Network Integration
Tor is a network of distributed overlay designed for anonymising TCP based applications low latency such as web browsing, secure shell, and instant messaging. The client chooses the path through the network and building a “circuit”, in which each node (or onion router) on the street knows its predecessor and successor, but no other nodes on the circuit. Traffic flowing into the circuit is sent in the size of the “cell” fixed size, which was opened by the key symmetrical on each node (like a layer of onions) and forwarded to the downstream.

6.TokenPay SCI or Secure Communication Interface
TokenPay have included encrypted instant messaging system for peer-to-peer use algorithms to keep private conversations while using the wallet TokenPay.

All messages sent and received is encrypted by AES-256-CBC proven and distributed among the nodes in such a way as to prevent message recipients are not compromised or seen by anyone not sincerity, even If hackers can see the entire network and/or run of network nodes.

To reduce the risk and inconvenience of password sharing significantly, we implemented a method of Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman that has been proven and trusted or also known as ECDH key exchange. The level of encryption at the same level as the Government used for confidential files.


Accept coins TPay is supported by a network of decentralized
A secure encrypted wallet from TokenPay using automation technology breakthrough Proof-of-Stake which is supported by a fully decentralized TPAY blockfain. User desktop wallet received the award due to just let their wallets open. Processing power of your computer’s graphics card pushes the machine completion TPAY. This is a decentralized network, which is fully supported by its users. Some of the TokenPay desktop and mobile digital wallet has been fully developed and available for download now. Click here to register an account.

While various digital wallet TPAY determine a peak advanced security protocol, many still consider a cold storage system wallet paper to a digital token cache the most closely guarded. Literally, TokenPay Paper Purse is the physical documents containing all of the important data needed to generate the private key TPAY is important. This could be the safest way to keep his purse because TPAY not exposed to malware. It can be stored in a personal safe. The private key is generated by the user on the server TokenPay which is very safe. It is recommended that the user disconnect from internet when in the process of generating a private key. In this way the paper wallet generators considered is completely self-sufficient and the key is not posted online. TokenPay regularly conduct audits and verify the integrity of the client-side private key generator offers on its website.

Crypto Multi currency
The concept behind BlueDiamond integrated debit card is that it would be easy to put given the direct connection to the digital wallet TokenPay. Therefore, shopping can be done in a virtual or on any merchants who are sold either online or in person. In addition, international debit card allows you instant access to funds multi-currency automatic teller machines in the network. Transparent pricing and low cost make debit card BlueDiamond became a very interesting mechanism to monetize digital token to allow the purchase of hard assets. A digital token user as TPAY or Bitcoin can be accessed whenever needed thanks to the real-time exchange of private covered will be part of the banking platform TokenPay. Therefore, the user does not need to convert a digital token number that is sure to make a transaction of fiat.

Advantages of the card:

Low cost business card holder
Global ATM Access
Real Time Conversion
Support Multiple Currencies
Reward Purchase TPAY


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