Token Union Get Rewarded for Holding Crypto

Token Union  – The abundance of cryptocurrency puts a deadlock Kriptoinvestorov and users in terms of effective management of one or more tokens. To solve this problem, tokenunion developers have been able to offer Kriptosoobshhestva members who own Jefiriuma tokens and its standard erc20 an unusual move horse. You can use a special application where all available Kriptoaktivy will be included in Listing Kriptokoshelka. Then you can exchange tokens between Kriptopozicijam and Fiat money. But that’s not all, for the fact that you will keep on Kriptokoshelke internal tokens of the standard UNI, you get a reward from the project.

What are the benefits of a token
SEO developers offer different schemes of beneficial storage and application of tokens in life to ecosystem users. According to the presented project, users can get the following:
 Using crypto platform tokenunion, you not only earn but also get a fixed fee, configure the application and start earning.
 If you store funds in other tokens, you will receive a reward here. All bonus rewards will be converted according to the Bancor storage protocol. Take, for example, this arrangement, you have received from the ecosystem a reward of 1000 UNI, with this part of 60% belong to the deposits of the BAT, further, we see that the remaining size of 40%-belongs to the token OMG. Then, according to the contract conditions, you will be returned in automatic mode 600 tokens UNI, which will be converted according to BAT equivalent. Accordingly 400 tokens UNI converted to the equivalent of OMG. In this way, you will not only benefit from the exchange but also receive a reward.
 Automated scheme of distribution of due rewards. The project will provide a single automated standard and algorithm for payment of commissions on UNI, accounting native Kriptotokenu, on tasks of smart contracts.
 The absolute principle of decentralization and the introduction of a provable consensus of justice. As long as there is blockchain Jefiriuma, all the work of the ecosystem will have a safe and decentralized management principle.

Project Features
The Tokenunion Open source code uses the Solidity programming language that will be used by the backend. The user side will use Javascript to include a new kind of Reward DAO protocol. It is this protocol that will be the hardest work that should be responsible for creating smart contract logic for Tokenunion. Besides, this protocol will have to perform automated calculations of commissions, distribute remuneration, redistribute UNI, etc.

The project team reported that all Kriptokoshelka users can display in the interface a separate folder or section of the Reward DAO functionality. In the future, developers plan to expand the capabilities of the protocol option, and if necessary, in the case of updates, the owners of Kriptokoshelkov can customize the functionality for themselves. The Jefirium team, which is based on the UNI token standard with ERC20, will conduct additional audits and allow the use of service functionalities for storage, sale, and exchange of tokens in Kriptokoshelke, which Have the standard ERC20.

The primary token of the ecosystem is the UNI token. No member of the ecosystem will have priority rights to manage the token, including the allocation of income or rewards. The entire mode will be carried out in an automated workflow, based on the available smart-contract and protocols.

For allocation of remuneration, commissions accrual, the conditional token of percent TNV will be used. So in this case, if the participant of the platform owns, for example, 3.8% of the TNV, he will receive exactly this percentage of 3.8% TNV, taking into account the Commission for the withdrawal. The system of recalculation occurs in the automated mode, and the binding goes to Ether, and the current changing rate is taken into account.

It is very difficult to combine tokens for effective management in one group, that is why the SEO-developers of Tokenunion want to collect “under one roof” all known crypto activity, and now they are ready to offer the best conditions for Jefiriuma and tokens of standard ERC20. Using Kriptokosheljok platforms, you can not only profitable to make an exchange or purchase of crypto activity, but also to receive a reward for that just so keep crypto activity on a purse account.

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