TokenStars is the first blockchain company perpetuates big celebrities. It aims to provide a source of funding and promotion to increase stars with disturbing and decentralize industry talent management. Started by issuing a token tennis ACE to vertical, the company plans to expand with new vertical, including football, hockey, basketball, poker, cinema actor, musician, and model.Token Stars was the first company that perpetuates athletes, helping them grow their career, while giving investors a piece of cake that could be a very nice cake. Let’s say an investor contributes to Token Stars and can get a lot of different players, and all except one failed, but it was Serena Williams next. You may see a 6-7 draw well thought out depending on how much your contribution

TokenStars solve 4 problems the main market participants:
1. Talent (stars of the future). Tokenstars provides financial support to young talents in a critical age, so they do not drop out of the sports and entertainment industry professionals. They also will help them to attract the audience and collect social capital since the beginning of the collaboration, starting a professional career with disabilities adequate (compared to their peers).
2. Excess (sports sports & entertainment stars). Tokenstars offers representation and marketing promotions to pro athletes athletes and the established media, which has been appealing for sponsorship however ignored by traditional agencies.
3. The fans. Fans want a much closer interaction with the celebrity stars and greater influence over their favorite Club. Tokenstars gives fans a chance to the public to communicate in real time, choose a star of the future and engage in activities of celebrities.
4. Advertisers. Brands seeking a combination of transparent ad formats, and also for the viewers who are more involved. TokenStars offers brands an opportunity to access the 12 fans fans involved and increase the efficiency of the campaigns by implementing intelligent advertising contract

Now you have the opportunity to participate in the sale of Tokenstars and get the TEAM a token. This token TEAM created to facilitate engagement between the different participants on the platform.
Token TEAM will serve as:
1. The form of access to the features of the TokenStars platform, which verifies the right token holder the right to participate in the activities conducted within the ecosystem.
2. internal currency-the token will be used as a form of settlement in transactions conducted in the platform. This will also allow us to avoid the usual difficulties occur with fiat currencies as low payment rules and regulations across borders.

For every 60 tokens sold 20 additional token to be created and maintained for the team, partners and advisers, and 20 additional token to be created and maintained for the growth of the network. The maximum number of token TEAM was 75 million. The difference between the maximum number of tokens that are created and the actual token amount distributed would not be made.

The star did his personal, ICO
gets a payment in advance for a variety of exclusive communication with fans (a tour of the locker room, dinner, chat, merchandise). Some of the bids were for sale at auction. Deals such as video chat has an unlimited number of participants. Time celebrity is a valuable resource and limited. That is a fundamental growth factor.
‘ Olympic champion ‘ presents 50 hours communication with fans, who exchanged token on a 1 on 1 training with the star, VIP dinner, video chat and other exclusive offers.

Star ICO Module: tokenizing income
On phase II after tokenizing, platform TokenStars will help star tokenize their income. The stars are rising may sign a binding agreement that gives a certain percentage of personal income in return for future payments in advance. This will most likely create a token security token. So, the registration and the right legal framework needs to be implemented before launching this module.
‘ Hollywood stars ‘ didn’t have a penny after divorce and rehab. He tokenizes 20% of future income in Exchange for the support of the fans today. He made the hit movie, pay 20% on the token.

Module Scouts — Discover the players
Fans can get in return for their jobs as Scouts. Scouts are looking for promising young talents worldwide, filed the application, help assess talent, helped negotiate the terms of the transaction. The reward is paid in tokens.
Juan ‘ saw a young football player who promises, submitted an application to the platform and received a payment of $10 k in the token. TokenStars has 12 platforms module for community and CHARITY

Token Details
Name: TEAM
CAP: $1 million
HARD CAP: $15 million
Supply Total: 75 million team

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