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Tipestry – The main component of the platform is Tipestry, a web portal that effectively adds a comment section to any website where people can post on the site under discussion. Tipestry Go is an augmented reality application that allows users to leave comments in certain physical locations and search for digital coins hidden around the world. The browser add-in, which adds more chat and micropayment capabilities, is also in development.
There are three related issues to be solved through this project: first, the prevailing business model for social networking platforms is to sell personal information to third parties, usually without Users ‘ understanding that they are refusing in terms of privacy and security. Second, it is difficult for content creators to derive financial benefit from their work, which is partly responsible for the overall reduction of journalistic standards and the distribution of content. Third, it is a trend for large companies to promote agendas – both commercial and political – by censoring or completely disabling user feedback on their sites.

Another goal of this project is to provide a new use of cryptocurrency and put coins in hand for more people without requiring an understanding of technical details.

Custom Content

90% of all data ever created has been created in the last two years, largely due to Web 2.0 and the popularity of user content platforms. However, despite the common advantages, problems with these networks are growing. First, the value created by the depositors is almost completely captured by corporate monopolies rather than by people creating content. Another thing is that these companies abuse authority over their platforms, violating the privacy of their users and acting as gatekeepers to what is allowed, banning or de-platform users
Cost distribution

People who create content and data that manage the Internet rarely receive compensation for the value they create. Of the main social networking platforms, only YouTube offers income distribution: 55% of advertising revenue goes to qualified bootloaders (many of which are the largest companies in their own right), and 45%-on YouTube.
However, YouTube is becoming more strict about the type of content that can be monetized on its platform. He recently expelled bootloaders without at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of annual viewing. In addition, in an attempt to reduce the monetization of offensive content, he announced that he would use more than 10 000 contractors to help the police which videos would be released from the distribution of income. The result of these changes is a reduction in the number of ordinary people who can earn money by creating content for the platform.

Instead of income distribution, some sites allow users to spend money on gifts for other users. Reddit offers the ability to “give gold “, but all $3.99 (the value of gold) goes to Reddit. Instead of paying the gold recipient, certain symbolic benefits are provided, such as custom themes and avatars.

In addition to the fact that YouTube uses its control over monetization to influence the content, many popular sites explicitly prohibit or censor users, which, according to critics, is inconsistent and opaque. During a recent congressional hearing, several congressmen criticized Facebook for politically motivated censorship. “This criticism was then used as part of the excuse to abolish net neutrality.

Tipestry Platform
The Tipestry project started in 2014. The first iteration was a browser-based add-in that went into alpha testing in 2015, and the second was a mobile app that came into testing in 2016. Based on early reviews, both versions were canceled in favor of the current implementation of the Web version of Tipestry.com, which came into alpha testing in 2017.
The companion application Tipestry Go began to be developed and entered into testing in 2017 and was released at the Apple Store at the beginning of 2018.

Tippening, a site for voters to help form a platform policy and elect or remove moderators, is scheduled to be released in early 2019. The browser add-in and the browser application that originally started the project are scheduled to resume at the end of 2019.

Tipestry.com also allows users to tip each other and sacrifice cryptocurrency owners of websites. Tipestry  The purpose of tipping is to enable users to earn rewards for the value they create. This not only gives the incentive to place good content but also more fairly than the traditional model, where only the platform owners reaping the fruits of the content created by its users. Social media is valuable as much as users do it, so these users should benefit from their contributions.

The purpose of the site donation is to provide a convenient, practical way to support content creators to facilitate the making of money without resorting to or invasive advertising. One of the advantages of this system over existing solutions is that donors do not need to deal with credit cards, which keeps their privacy and allows donations to be made in just two clicks after their account The recording will be replenished cryptocurrency. The convenience and lack of fees for credit cards also make providing any amount viable, even a fraction of a penny, opening up new opportunities for micro-provision that have never been possible prior to the invention of Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency.

Another important advantage of this system is that the site receiving the donation is not obliged to know what is tipestry or cryptocurrency. Any site on the Internet can receive a donation through Tipestry without any initial setup, and the site owner may request it later (within one year; then it is added to the Tipestry token allocation pool).

Tipcoin and Tipestry TOKEN
Two tokens, Tipestry-Tipcoin (TIPC) and Tipestry (TIP) token, will be used to maintain the ecosystem. Both were created using the standard Ethereum ERC-20. In the future, it will be possible to replace the token TIP standard by ERC-888 If this format proves to be more effective for dividend payments.
Ownership of Tipcoins partially defines the right to vote for tipestry content policy and moderation. It will initially be issued as part of the campaign airdrop and Bounty, and then as a reward over time to active users and moderators tipestry. First, their sale would actually mean the sale of voting rights, which would be contrary to the objectives of the project. 1 billion tip coins were created to reward tipestry hunters, posters, and moderators.

50% of Tipestry tokens will be sold at the time the tokens are sold. 35% will be kept in the company and 15% sold to investors and handed over to the founders. The sale of tokens will have a Soft cap of $1 million USD and a Hard cap of $20 million USD.

Website ICO : https://tokensale.tipestry.com
Website : http://www.tipestry.com
Whitepaper : https://tokensale.tipestry.com/Tipestry-White-Paper.pdf
Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/tipestry
Twitter : https://twitter.com/tipestry
Telegram : https://t.me/tipestry

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