The X-factor – Future Revolution in Hotel & Restaurant Industry

XRT – I think many have had problems when I would like to eat in a restaurant or café, and there is no cash. Or there is a fear of paying in the places of a bank card because of the possibility of data leakage from a personal account. These problems often occur in the visitors of these institutions. To help in such situations may come to a new project XRT.

This project aims to cooperate with serious companies working in the field of food industry. In this case, use your own cryptocurrency, which has the name “XRT”.
Now the XRT token will be able to replace the traditional types of payments in the sphere of public catering, that is to exclude from the chain of payment for goods or services in the field of catering itself payment in cash. This project will work through a mobile application, the whole process of payment will take place quickly, and most importantly, safe for the client. No more problems with card payment, no leakage of important customer information. The process of using the services of hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc. will be more convenient for the client anywhere in the world.

This is a fast and convenient mobile application that can be available for Android and IOS.
Advantages when using this application for the client:
1. When using the application, each transaction passes through confirmation e-mail, authentication, and OTP verification.
2. The KYC code is entered absolutely for each user.
3. The account number is created for each transaction.
4. Covers many countries.
5. The ability to convert an XRT token to another currency (Fiat & Crypto).

The main positive qualities of the XRT project :
1. XRT is implemented on the Blockchain system in the Ethereum protocol, this makes the project completely secure for transactions;
2. The creators of the XRT project are aimed at promoting the project to the masses. i.e. become famous all over the world. Thus ensuring the price growth for the XRT token;
3. XRT tokens, which are based on the Ethereum protocol, can start transactions without additional measures.
4. Having collected and analyzed a huge amount of information in various spheres, the founders of this project have chosen the best ways of successful development of the project. Taking this opportunity, I would like to present you the team that created this project. These people are highly skilled professionals, they fully know their business and are tuned to success:

Start-01 June 2018 (12:00 PM UTC + 5:30)
The late-August 30, 2018 (12:00 PM UTC + 5:30)
XRT-1 pre ICO price = 0.0001 ETH
Prices in ICO-1 XRT = 0.000250 ETH
Phase I = 30% bonus
Stage II = 15%
Phase III = 5% bonus
Token for sale-330 million
Min. investment-0.1 ETH
Soft cap-4,000 ETH
Hard cap-40,000 ETH

XRT Foundation works on a decentralized platform. We will give you a better payment solution and secure for the Hotel and restaurant industry’s through Token XRT. In every sector, customers always want a payment gateway like that fast & safe. By addressing the following goals, we’re building a mobile application that is very fast and comfortable rooms will be available to users of Android and iOS.

I would like to say that in my opinion, the project is very interesting. It is felt that the creation invested a lot of energy, labor and that is not little important, innovative technology. There is a possibility that the mobile application XRT will become ubiquitous, it will be popular all over the world. I would like to wish prosperity and success to this project. If you have any questions concerning the project XRT, you can visit the official sources of the project, I have indicated them below:

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