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PrimeX – Despite a large number of cryptocurrency available today they are practically not used for the purpose. Even Though cryptocurrency is fast, there is a safe, there is no currency with low fees which would unite all these qualities in one, while also creating the necessary infrastructure for its currency that would not be necessary To handle third-party exchanges or purses for purchase or storage.
However, PrimexCoin has taken into account all the shortcomings in today’s solutions and has offered a solution that is able to change everything.
Who are you Mr. PrimexCoin?
PrimexCoin-cryptocurrency, which is created for fast and cheap transactions, high security of users and unprecedented functionality, thanks to the unification within the framework of one project all the necessary solutions.
The thing is that though there is fast and safe cryptocurrency, there are hundreds of exchanges and dozens of purses, there is not a single cryptocurrency, which would not force you to turn to third-party services for a full range of operations, PrimexCoin first connected All elements of cryptocurrency infrastructure in one place.
Exchange for the purchase or sale of digital money for sure the only way to get cryptocurrency that would buy a couple of coins you go to a third-party exchange and there make them buy or sell, then take them to the purse. In this case, you will not have to resort to extraneous services because PrimexCoin has created its exchange.
Own exchange for trading in pairs with another cryptocurrency will allow users not to use a third party in the process of exchange of cryptocurrency. However, the project plans are not only to create an exchange but also to do everything for maximum security and user comfort, one of the vivid examples of this is the rate of processing transactions on the exchange more than 1 million operations per second.
Even taking into account the fact that the exchange is essentially created under one particular coin, it will not appear on the platform functionality, margin trading, spot trading, free transactions… This is just a small part of the stock exchange’s set of functions from Primex.
Thus the Exchange from Primex:
-Will give the necessary liquidity
-The User does not need to resort to the services of third-party exchangers to buy coins
-User Security in priority
-Multilingual Platform
-Functional Exchange Interface
Primex Ecosystem
Cryptocurrency Users are one of the main components of this ecosystem, but not the only. Primex’s View is aimed at creating a platform for free interaction between people for the purpose of buying or selling cryptocurrency and their use.
By creating your own infrastructure eliminates the need for intermediaries or third parties in the form of exchanges and other third-party services, the solution proposed by the project simplifies the purchase process as much as possible and makes it faster and cheaper.
Asset Security
Breaking exchanges is no longer a novelty, such sad news can be heard literally every week, this state of affairs certainly harms both the reputation of the market and the exchanges that are being attacked, but most importantly, that some of the exchanges are hacking and take no action.
Primex focuses on the interests of its user, one of the main interests during the work with cryptocurrency is their safety, to ensure these tasks, the project will make huge attention to the reliability of the solutions offered to them. PrimeX The exchange is not an exception, the highest safety standards from Primex is a guarantee of the reliability of your assets.

Cryptocurrency and Fiat
Certainly, a big problem for the market participants is the withdrawal of money in the currency, for another problem is to acquire digital assets. Primex solves these problems on its platform, giving one user the ability to quickly, easily and safely acquire PrimexCoin or other assets presented on the stock exchange, and interested in direct exchange for fiat money also without problems can Use this service from the platform.
The convenience of use of this or that cryptocurrency in many respects depends on a purse with which help it is possible to manage the assets. Since PrimeX offers many different features to the user, a wallet for Android/IOS will be created for you to be able to access them permanently.

Prime X Coin
The Core of the entire project, of course, is PrimexCoin, and it will be used by users for fast and secure transactions.
Maximum number-200 million PrimexCoin
X11 Algorithm with POW, POS and Master node
ICO Primex
The project is currently conducting a fundraising campaign.
ICO has 15 million coins.
From February 11 to March 11 price-$0.2
From March 12 to April 2 price-$0.5
From April to April 30 price-$0.7
The Minimum goal of the fees is $4 million, the maximum project wants to collect 6 million $

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