The ODEM Crowdsale Powering Higher Education in the Real World using the Blockchain

ODEM. IO is the industry’s trusted quality education and to create curriculum and customized experience and direct entry to the market. ODEM platform next gives students more options for housing, transportation and other necessities. ODEM will allow international and local students to take ownership of their education. ODEM will facilitate the experience live-in-classroom, supported by online capabilities.

ODEM is would be better than just the market education. Through smart contract based Ethereum, agreement between the student and the Professor will be achieved with the involvement of a mediator who is the least. Token utilities Exchange platform can act as a shared currency to facilitate cross-border payments and give incentives to professors to keep their programs keep up to date and relevant. Our dream is to make the education of the world’s top educators and accessible to everyone.

Basically spending worldwide rose to approximately $6 trillion in 2016, with spending for higher learning expected to rise 8% this year to be $2.05 trillion. Demand growth year-over-year driven by global population growth and a growing middle class in Asia and Africa. Regardless of the prospect of increased spending, students face a lot of obstacles and restrictions that reduce access to a quality educational experience. The rising cost of tuition, student debt and layers of middlemen, including universities, shutting many potential students, ensuring that the best quality education be widely allocated to the global elite. For many people, higher education is not accessible, reliable or relevant for students with a desire that is always changing. ODEM platform does not affect the diverse needs of students, educators, and service providers by using the technology of the leading blockchain to improve transparency and efficiency, reduce costs and make education accessible to everyone .

The ecosystem On
In a marketplace, surely have ecosystems involved. Here are some of the subjects involved in the transactions that occur in
ODEM Platform
ODEM platform will be as a regulator of balance as well as applying certain criteria criteria or parameters, as well as a container for the ecosystem to mutually interact. ODEM platforms play an important role, because of Platforms ODEM should continue to oversee the development of interactions that occur on the ecosystem including Transact using Smart contract.
Students or student is someone who is in need of educational services with a higher level. These students are a purchaser of services available in the marketplace. The service can be a curriculum, lectures or courses. Then for the students who buy curriculum, the student must submit the results of the curriculum to educators in ODEM. All types of payments made, students will be easier because it uses ODEM Wallet.
The educator is someone who has more free time to share their knowledge throughout the world. Most of these educators is a lecturer or professor who comes from top universities in the world. So interest will be higher if students know the specs of the educators that exists in the marketplace ODEM. The task of the educator is to send material required by students, could either be courses, curriculum and lectures. In addition, educators must also participate in the bidding of the curriculum in ODEM. As a gift, an educator will get paid through ODEM Wallet.

ODEM Wallet and Crypto Exchange
ODEM Wallet purse is used by student and educators to save their money for the sake of facilitating transactions on the marketplace ODEM. The ease and flexibility in a withdrawal transaction will make the experience one becomes more comfortable. Any shipping fees will not be charged to the sender or recipient, or completely free. Also security transaction will be secured by Smart implementation Contract.

ODEM Token Sale
Sale token is used by way of a platform for fundraising purposes by way of offering new tokens to the public especially cryptocurrency community. ODEM Token Sale oblige investors to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) in order to supplement the data by uploading documents such as ID cards, License or Passport Dirver.

For investors who participated in ODEM Token Sale will get some benefits, that will disegerakan to become a member in the community of ODEM, get special discount to enjoy the services provided by the platform and to ODEM me-sponsored students and educators, by way of reducing the burden of costs that should be borne by the parties.

Token ODEM Sale
ODEM Token Sale Start: 17 February 2018
ODEM Token Sale End: March 19, 2018
The Maker Of Token: ODEM SA
A Token Symbol: ODEM
Maximum Supply: 396,969,697
Token allocation Sale & Pre Sale: 238.2 million
The Type Of Token: ERC20-Ethereum Blockchain
Ethereum Receive:
AML/KYC Requirements: Yes
ODEM Token Sale Price: EUR 0.05 equivalents in Ethereum
Country: Switzerland

ODEM is not an institution of learning, but rather a marketplace that adapts to the needs of the students and also the ability of educators to exchange information. ODEM is perfect for a student who is active and felt like continues to evolve following the world education standards.

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