The First Blockchain Concept for the Global Industry – Dentacoin (DCN)

The First Blockchain Concept for the Global Industry – Dentacoin (DCN)

Dentacoin (DCN) is Bitcoin teeth. This is the first and only crypto coins were created as a method of payment in dentistry throughout the world. This is an opportunity to invest in this growing, high-tech oriented, USD 500 billion industry.

Dentacoin is a concept first Blockchain designed for the dental industry globally. Token Dentacoin ERC20 configured to be used globally by all individuals. Dentacoin aims to improve dental care around the world and make it affordable through the crowd of power. A number of Blockchain-based tools will be developed and applied.

In addition, according to the Statute of the Foundation Dentacoin every decision made by management, as well as all financial statements, must be demonstrated and explained to the owner of Dentacoin. Integrated voting system then gives the owner of the coins the chance to vote on these decisions. The owner of the coin because it’s involved in all the business activities and has a huge effect on them.

In addition to offering the voting right and become cryptocurrency, DCN provides tools that create value. These tools, along with game-changing model of insurance, will definitely improve the dental industries provides a variety of benefits for suppliers, patients and dentists. This will improve dental health and lowers the cost for doctors and patients.

Blockchain Technology:

Dentacoin based on blockchain Ethereum. Dentacoin follow ERC20 standard that ensures the security token and the actual currency fraud resistance. Dental insurance concept will be developed and run as the Ethereum contract Smart Security for maximum and minimum operating costs.

Success factors:

  1. The concept of integrated Dentacoin technology blockchain in the global market that large, fast-growing, high-tech with a market capitalization of 500 billion USD (p.a.).
  2. The concept of having a low entry barriers such as main target groups-patients (target group 3 billion people) and physicians (professional target group 200 000)-individuals and companies are not great that could overwhelm the market.
  3. The interests of the main target groups-patients and dentists – will be aligned. The dentist will multiplier. After starting slow but stable, dynamic scale effects will result in disproportional growth. This will be the starting point of the democratization of the dental industry.

The team behind:

Dentacoin is supported by a team with real-world business background-developers, marketing specialists, dentists, engineers industry 4.0, macroeconomists, insurance economists, lawyers and financial experts from the United Kingdom, BG, IND, United States, DE, NL, F, RU and SA. In a total of about 120 people involved in different aspects of the concept of creation.

The Value Of Dentacoin:

Each Dentacoin is tied to one stock of the Foundation Dentacoin and the rest of its assets. The publication of the DCN is stated in the basic law. The Director of the Foundation have the decision-making power is not free, but must abide by the rules of the Articles of Incorporation. This allows for all coin holders to choose the important decisions about the Foundation. As a result, we also subject the Foundation to the General control of all owners of the DCN.

With the results from the initial offering of coins (ICO), the Dentacoin Foundation will begin to develop and implement public projects are presented and informs all DCN owners and the public about the current state of the projects. As mentioned above, the publication of the Dentacoins tight bound ground rules. This greatly limits the output of the Dentacoins.

The owner of the DCN, blockchain, community dental partners, suppliers and the public will be updated continuously. Interest in DCN will grow quickly. This will create demand for DCNs.

Dentacoin as a means of payment

As part of the testing phase, the concept of Dentacoin is already being used as a means of payment and as part of our Loyalty Program partner dental clinic patients. According to them, the Dentacoin is a very useful tool for creating a community of patients and to improve the quality of services according to the needs of the patient. Hundreds of patients had already received and spent Dentacoins.

So far, the DCN is accepted as means of payment at the clinic partner Dentacoin first report (here). Although the use of still bound at the beginning, so powerful for real business help the world achieve the development targets more quickly than many other coins Publisher.

Happening now:

The team are currently (February 2017) in negotiations with the dental clinic of the State-of-the-art with digital integrated lab in London. This dental operation is about to be purchased as a pilot clinic to develop the concept under the condition that practical. The business plan of the company while using the discount cash flow method (DCF) for aprox. GBP 90 million. It looks like the seller will receive the purchase should be made exclusively on Dentacoins. This will be a very big step for the development of the value of the DCN.

The acquisition of the company or the shares of the company in the dental industry by Yayasan Dentacoin carried out under these conditions:

  1. If the company to be acquired can play a key role in the implementation of operational as well as strategic objectives and thus support the testing and deployment of the Dentacoin concept and used it to promote the value of Dentacoin.
  2. Payment in this case always occurs at the Dentacoins and not in the RENEWED currency. Since the acceptance of the vendor, the value of Dentacoin is more stable.
  3. The results of the ICO and crowdsales are exclusively used for project development. All ICO and crowdsales campaigns are limited to the equivalent of a maximum of 2 million EUR. Is no exception. This ensures that the invested capital will be used effectively and not money is useless. Only when the current project is realized, other projects can be launched. The approach described is also a form of intelligent “window dressing” the interests of the owner of the DCN, a distribution model that will strengthen and accelerate the increase in value.

The team hopes that this first agreement, essentially important be aware before ICO first (stay tuned?!). Currently, the purchase contract is being prepared by lawyers and a nearly completed. For the first time in the history of cryptocurrency, a real company would be acquired and paid exclusively through Token (DCN).





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