The Deal Coin The Next Generation of Financial Eco-System

The Deal Coin With the introduction of innovative technologies into the modern world, many users around the world can solve all their problems without leaving home. Since the problem of financing small and medium business has always been quite significant, a large number of software companies have tried in any way to create a platform that could solve these Problems. To this end, a unique ecosystem of the Deal Coin has been developed.

The main goal of the Deal Coin founders was to create a unique system that can be accessed by businessmen from all over the world in order to get help from lenders to develop their business. During the existence of the project, the developers plan to create a unique registry, where all the companies that exist in the project will be placed.

The advantages of working with the system will get both sides of the transaction. After all, investors will be able to get a good profit from the provision of loans, and owners of firms, in turn, will receive the necessary financing as quickly as possible, without any delay. When working with the Deal Coin project, customers will not have to pay commission fees to intermediaries as they do in the traditional scheme of obtaining a loan. Payment will be charged only for the transaction that has been successfully performed.

In order to get credit, the borrower will need to fill out an application and provide personal information of the entrepreneur about his income. After that, the system will request a small operation to authenticate the client and register it in a single database. Once the loan application is approved by the system, investors interested in the project will be able to allocate the necessary amount to meet the needs of the user. As a result, the system will carry out an operation to transfer money to the borrower’s account and sign a contract on the receipt of credit by both parties. Once a smart contract is signed within the deal Coin system by both sides of the transaction, the required number of DLSD tokens will be debited from their account to carry out the transaction.

To make it easier for all users to work with the project, the Deal Coin ecosystem developers have introduced a single internal currency, the DLSD tokens, into the platform.
They will be the main mechanism for payment of transactions on the site. To purchase this currency users need to register on the official site of the Deal Coin, and then make a purchase, exchanging their Ethereum and Bitcoin for DLSD tokens. The price of one token will be 0.10 USD. The pre-sale of tokens from the project will begin on March 26, 2018.

ICO terms.
ICO will start in March, it will start with pre-sale training. If you want to participate in the ICO and get the maximum bonus (20%), you have to register right now because the bonuses will decrease. Developers promise to spend 30% of the attracted funds for marketing.

Token name: Deal
Blockchain: Ethereum
Standard: erc827
Total number of Coins: 1 000 000 000
Price of one coin: 0, $1
Softcap: 5 000 000 $
Hardcap: 50 000 000 $

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