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The Currency Analytics – Journalism is the fourth power. The market of cryptocurrency is one of the interesting and promising directions for today. The facts are under siege. Proven sources are becoming more important than ever. There is an opportunity to fill in by conscientious experts technical, academic. Today’s review of The Currency Analytics.

The investor should keep himself informed of the latest discussions for a reasoned investment decision. Edelman Marketing Company distributed the results of its annual report 2018. For the first time in 22 of the 28 countries surveyed, distrust of the media prevailed. Distrust is mainly due to a significant decline in trust in platforms, especially in search engines and social networks

63% of respondents do not know how to distinguish good journalism from rumors and lies or news from a reliable media organization. Lack of confidence in the media also leads to the inability to distinguish the truth (59%) or to assess the truthfulness of the political leader (56%) or business (42%). Many news sites mislead viewers lead to dangerous investment errors with inaccurate and biased views

If the credibility of journalists who have professional education and feel obligated to adhere to ethical standards disappears, people with very peculiar interests will easily intercept public discussion in social networks. Distribute purposefully false information.
The Currency Analytics Team has found a solution. Because, users, in general, are willing to trust the media, users take the dominant role of media as a source of information. A higher degree of confidence in the electronic media. Electronic media tend to be diverse, trying to meet big demands

TCAT is a verified Google media platform and community on the blockchain, consisting solely of the latest stories from professional writers who value ethical, authentic journalism. The site launches the TCAT token. TCAT plans the to become the most reliable news portal Crypto. News stories are based on reports received from real events written by professional journalists. The mission of the team is to provide maximum objective, accurate information to inform the investor.

The Currency Analytics project makes it possible for Crypto to receive reliable news to further make investment decisions. The value of news as a source of information increases every year.

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