The Auto Block Stand-Alone Solutions Set to Revolutionize the Automotive Sector

Auto Block – The secondary car sales market is constantly evolving. Many users see the obvious benefit of buying a used car because of the low price and the relative availability of service. Unfortunately, this sphere is full of swindlers. Company Autoblock decided to create a service for analysis and assistance in the sale of used cars. The ecosystem is built on the principles of decentralized servers and blockchain technologies.

New car valuation standards will help to reduce the number of fraudulent deals and sale of salvage cars. Auto Checkpoints will work independently of the customer and the buyer. Neither party will be able to influence the final verdict of the technical inspection. Thus, companies selling used car can significantly reduce the cost of pre-sale training machines.
Auto Block offers a set of unique products including, but not limited to, cryptocurrency, which will not only help you make the purchase of vehicles safe and fast, but will also give you full access to the data, history, and estimates of the purchased Car. Providing transparency to the buyer as well as to the seller.

Vehicle Sales portal for car dealers who take auto coin for free placement of their shares, opening new markets for them. The purpose of the project the Autoblock is a revolution in updating the evaluation used cars and vehicles, we service the professional experts such as insurance companies, car dealerships and rental companies in the field of automotive industry, with precise and easy access to Data and estimates. The Blockchain technology used to collect real-time assessments using live data will create a rich database of all vehicle specifications worldwide. Auto Block technology allows individuals and businesses to get information about the car’s data and assessments, no matter where they are.

Since the world of cryptocurrency is expanding, and the number of cryptocurrency millionaires is growing, it is not mountains that hour when prestigious and expensive brands of cars will be sold and for digital assets. At a minimum, this feature will be provided. And in order to sell cars for the cryptocurrency, it will be necessary and the possibility of its adoption.

Blockchain technology, which is used to collect real-time and live data estimates, will create a rich database of all vehicle specifications existing worldwide. Auto Block technology allows individuals and businesses to get information about the car’s data and assessments, no matter where they are. All sales will take place on the platform.

Autocoin is a simple and effective alternative to transactions that will become the standard cryptocurrency of the automotive industry. Thanks to its ease of use, flexibility and transparency, autocoin will become the currency of the dealer and peer-level transactions.

There will be 3 methods for delivery of cryptocurrency payments when buying and selling cars through
1. Customers will be able to access our system through the Web portal on their desktop, tablet or mobile phone.
2. Users can download a mobile app that will be available on Google Play and IOS. This application will contain a number of services, including a purse for storage and transfer of cryptocurrency.
3. Developers will provide API access to their block chain through the standard ERC-20. Clients will be able to process their transactions by selecting the currency (for example, Autocoin or US).
A payment system will be built into this trading platform, where users can make transactions. If the payment is made through Fiat, it will be immediately transferred to Autocoin (based on the market price at the time of the transaction), and the remainder of the transaction will occur on the block through Autocoin. If a dealer or a natural person wishes to cash his autocoin to Fiat, it will also be done through the exchange, as there will be at least 8 million support. For these instant transactions. This will help stabilize the price fluctuations of the coin as it is in constant demand.
The main advantages of the project:
1. The ability to purchase cars from around the world using Autocoin
2. High selection of cars
3. The party of the person will not have access to all information
4. Autocoin uses the “push” payment system, which redirects the payment to your request, rather than the merchant’s payment request, once you have sent your bank or card account information.
5. The highest level of fraud prevention-thanks to the use of blockchain
6. Light international payments, unencumbered by long-term exchange rate considerations.
7. Quick and easy payment without additional bank charges

Autoblock went into the ICO stage. This will enable the creation of a comprehensive rating system for the automotive industry. The Minimum capital bar for the ICO is five thousand . The upper one is forty thousand. 400 million tokens will be sent on sale. Each system token holder automatically gets the right to interest on income. At the moment, the equivalent of trading is 25 US cents per PBX (token in the project). Bitcoin, Lajtkoin, Jefirium are accepted as payment. You should think about investing in autoblock.

ICO Details:
 Token: ATC
 Platform: Ethereum
 Standard: ERC20
 Quantity: 400 million ATC
 Price: 1 ATC = 0.00025 ETH
 Payment: BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC
 Soft cap: 5.000 ETH
 Hard cap: 40.000 ETH


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